ANNOUNCE: Empathy 2.29.2

Empathy 2.29.2 is now available for download from:

5ee8f4e1abdff5f3468e1dd9229182ba  empathy-2.29.2.tar.gz
1ee738907d31549f2dadb2bead938d2b  empathy-2.29.2.tar.bz2

What is it?
Empathy is a messaging program which supports text, voice, and video chat and file transfers over many different protocols.
Empathy uses Telepathy for protocol support and has an user interface based on Gossip. Empathy is the default chat client in
current versions of GNOME, making it easier for other GNOME applications to integrate collaboration functionality using Telepathy.

You can visit the project web site:

What's New?
The "Nintendo or Zappa" release.

Empathy now uses the TpAccount API and so depends on telepathy-glib 0.9.0,
but we strongly advise you to use the latest telepathy-glib release.

This release brings support for a subset of IRC commands such as "/join".
Empathy is also now able to join password protected chat rooms; note that
this doesn't work with IRC channels at the moment because of a telepathy-idle
bug (fd.o #25039).

We also worked on improving error reporting to users. The contact list will now
display a new info bar when an account is disconnected and the audio/video UI
should give better feedback if an error occurs.

Bugs fixed:
 - Fixed #591360, Incoming message while menu is open freezes X
 - Fixed #599612, crash when typoing room name
 - Fixed #523918, Empathy sometimes loose messages
 - Fixed #573407, Empathy and telepathy-idle don't pass on server commands to server
 - Fixed #575763, Should display an error when RTP connection is impossible (Guillaume Desmottes)
 - Fixed #579341, Should be able to join password protected rooms (Guillaume Desmottes)
 - Fixed #580254, empathy_contact_hash() defined in header, but no such symbol (Guillaume Desmottes)
 - Fixed #581789, An error message should be shown when required codecs are not installed. (Guillaume Desmottes)
 - Fixed #583208, Status doesn't change on idle
 - Fixed #583919, New conversation should have autocomplete for offline contacts too (Justin Forest)
 - Fixed #585340, clean geoloc tooltip info
 - Fixed #586098, Ctrl+Up loses typed text (Jerzy Mansarliński)
 - Fixed #586287, the channel topic is missing the first time I open a channel
 - Fixed #587216, Retry option whenever account connecting fails
 - Fixed #589263, Empathy next tab or previous tab doesnt cycle. (Rômulo Fernandes Machado)
 - Fixed #595922, time display not readable in debug window
 - Fixed #597678, invert server and room forms in join room dialog (Guillaume Desmottes)
 - Fixed #597819, No tray icon when no valid account configured (Jonny Lamb)
 - Fixed #598550, Should warn user when he closes the accounts dialog with a not connected new account (Guillaume Desmottes)
 - Fixed #599169, Should use new TpAccount API
 - Fixed #599386, Empathy protocol chooser shouldn't cache TpConnectionManagerProtocol
 - Fixed #599431, Empty notifications with butterfly contact (Guillaume Desmottes)
 - Fixed #600023, Crash when trying to display the accounts dialog more than once (Guillaume Desmottes)
 - Fixed #600427, "Connect" button should be "Save" when we are offline (Guillaume Desmottes)
 - Fixed #600446, Crash when trying to add a new account (Guillaume Desmottes)
 - Fixed #600473, Show current chat tab name in title bar. (Guillaume Desmottes)
 - Fixed #600537, Crashed when opening Chat - New Conversation dialog (Jonny Lamb)
 - Fixed #600551, crash in Empathy: Was doing nothing.. (Guillaume Desmottes)
 - Fixed #600671, Debian#554325: fails to link when using binutils-gold (Guillaume Desmottes)
 - Fixed #600705, accounts created in the assistant don't get a nice display name (Guillaume Desmottes)
 - Fixed #600713, Connection is not ready when EmpathyDispatcher requests capabilities (Guillaume Desmottes)
 - Fixed #600732, Reorganize chat_window_update (Ryan LaBelle)
 - Fixed #600798, "Previous conversations" is always unsensitive (Guillaume Desmottes)
 - Fixed #600958, Disabling build of nautilus-sendto plugin does not work
 - Fixed #600961, nautilus-sendto plugin does not build (Jonny Lamb)
 - Fixed #600962, Review Moblin specific changes (Guillaume Desmottes)
 - Fixed #601150, Account spacing in the accounts dialog is not homogeneous (Guillaume Desmottes)
 - Fixed #601190, Empathy does not appear to save window size on close (Guillaume Desmottes)
 - Fixed #601233, Room menu is insensitive
 - Fixed #601336, Conflicting English keyboard accelerators in chat window (Guillaume Desmottes)
 - Fixed #601348, Duplicate English keyboard accelerators in "Edit" menu
 - Fixed #601691, Refactoring of libnotify code (Guillaume Desmottes)
 - Fixed #601796, Newly created account appears twice in the treeview (Guillaume Desmottes)
 - Fixed #601807, Previous conversations doesn't work any more (Guillaume Desmottes)
 - Fixed #602013, Maximized state of main window is not preserved, and size/position is sometimes forgotten after deiconify
 - Fixed #602066, Support /nick command
 - Fixed #599176, Should use GtkInfoBar to display connection errors
 - Fixed #600946, Add more friendly strings for TpMediaStreamError
 - Fixed #593327, Update the smiley list (Rodolphe)

 - Updated crh Translation (Reşat SABIQ)
 - Updated en shaw Translation (Thomas Thurman)
 - Updated es Translation (Jorge González)
 - Updated hu Translation (Gabor Kelemen)
 - Updated it Translation (Milo Casagrande)
 - Updated lv Translation (Rudolfs Mazurs)
 - Updated nb Translation (Kjartan Maraas)
 - Updated sl Translation (Matej Urbančič)
 - Updated ta Translation (vasudeven, drtvasudevan)
 - Updated zh_CN Translation (Aron Xu)

Documentation translations:
 - Updated it Documentation translation (Milo Casagrande)

16 November 2009
Empathy team

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