gnoMint 0.9.9 released

I'm pleased to announce the 0.9.9 version of gnoMint: a graphical
X.509 Certification Authority management tool.

This version includes a major code clean-up, and some interesting new features:

* Now, gnoMint is able to import CAs that have been generated with the
managing scripts included in OpenSSL (as and openssl ca). This
support is added to the already existing support for importing CAs
generated by TinyCA.
* Updated translations from added new Brazilian
Portuguese translation.
* A new, more secure, cyphering method (based on AES) has been
included for protecting passwords and private keys. The program is
fully compatible with old method. For forcing the protection of the
whole database with the new-method, change the database password.
* New graphic and fully functional toolbar.

Some bugs have been fixed too:

* Fixed an architecture depending function that could give some
problems in other architectures distinct to x86.
* Removed libgnomeui useless dependence.
* Fixed problem while importing certification authority if there were
certificates in the database generated by the imported one.
* Fixed problem while exporting a CSR private key.
* Fixed problems while recovering from failures when opening, creating
or saving databases.
* Ensuring GTK+-2.10 compatibility.

This version is the last expected beta release before final gnoMint
1.0 version. Please, test this 0.9.9 release more as it right
now the 1.0.0 will be exactly identical to it (except version number).
If 0.9.9 is not working as you would like the final 1.0.0 to work, now
is the time to say so!

About gnoMint:

gnoMint is a tool for an easy creation and management of Certification
Authorities. It allows a fancy visualization of all the pieces that
conform a CA: x509 certificates, CSRs, CRLs...

Currently, it allows the creation of CAs, CSRs and Certificates, and
export both public and private parts of them into PEM formatted files.
It manages the revocation of the created certificates, as well as the
creation of CRLs.

gnoMint is now perfectly usable for managing a CA that emits
certificates able to:

* Authenticate people or machines in VPNs (IPSec or other protocols);
* Secure HTTP communications with SSL/TLS secured web servers;
* Authenticate and cipher HTTP communications through web-client certificates;
* Sign and/or crypt e-mails

For compiling it, its dependencies are:

* GTK+ 2.10 or newer
* SQLite 3
* libGnuTLS 2.0 or newer

More information in

You can get the tarball from sourceforge mirrors:

David Marín Carreño

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