gnome-applets 2.26.0

Finally, the big 2.26.0 release. This is a stable release and should be
suitable for your day-to-day use.

There is one major change that everyone should be aware of. The volume
control applet has been replaced by a version supplied by the
gnome-media package. The transition should be automatic, but the
location of the applet will move to the notification area.

If you want the old volume control back, then the --enable-mixer-applet
option to configure is what you want. Be warned that it doesn't look
quite like it used to.

You can get it from:

The detailed changelog fo this release follows.

 - Callum

Changes in GNOME-Applets 2.26.0

CPU Frequency Selector:
 - Fix crasher for non-authorized users.
Invest Applet:
 - Correctly install without distributing it.
Mixer Applet:
 - Hide the applet when the escape key is pressed.
 - Sync the dock icon and the panel mute check-box.
Null Applet:
 - Correctly replace the mixer applet.

Translation Updates:
 af, bn_IN, ca, cs, de, el, gl, gu, he, kn, lt, ml, mr, pl, ru, sv, ta, te

Documentation Translation Updates:
 cs, en_GB, hu, it

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