Gnome Games 2.26.3

Just a few minor translation updates and Hildon fix-ups.

Christian Persch (11):
      Lower intltool req to 0.35.0
      Only check for check if tests are enabled
      Don't build games-help on hildon yet
      GTK_STOCK_FULLSCREEN only exists on gtk >= 2.8
      Fix undeclared variable error
      Fix build on hildon
      Fix the build on hildon
      Fix assertion failure on hildon
      Normalise the filename in theme_filename_and_type_from_name
      Fix prefname for fixed card theme on hildon
      Fix gtk settings initialisation

Jason D. Clinton (1):
      Post-release bump to 2.26.3

Jennie Petoumenou (2):
      updated Greek translation for UI messages
      updated Greek translation for aisleriot documentation

Petr Kovar (3):
      Added Czech help translation for glines & gnometris by Marek Cernocky
      Added Czech help translation for gnomine by Marek Cernocky
      Added & fixed Czech help translation for various games by Marek Cernocky

Rajesh Ranjan (1):
      hindi game update

Βασίλης Κοντογιάνης (2):
      Updated Greek translation for same-gnome documentation
      Updated Greek translation for glines documentation

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