Announcing gnome-mag 0.15.7

* What is gnome-mag?

gnome-mag provides a command-line interface for standalone use, although its primary goal is to provide a set of magnification services for use by other client applications and assistive technologies.

gnome-mag 0.15.7 is a stable release that is good for GNOME 2.24.x and later.

* What's changed for gnome-mag 0.15.7?

What's new in gnome-mag-0.15.7:

  #563764 - GNOME Goal: Clean up GLib and GTK+ includes. (Luis Menina)
  Add DOAP file (Olav Vitters)

  Rajesh Ranjan (hi), Miquel Esplà (ca valencia)

* Where can I get it ?

You can obtain gnome-mag 0.15.7 in source code form at the following:



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