[ANNOUNCE] Clutter 0.9.4 (core) - 1.0.0rc1, developers snapshot

hi everyone;

Clutter 0.9.4 is now available for download at:


MD5 Checksums:

Clutter is an open source software library for creating fast, visually
rich and animated graphical user interfaces. Clutter is licensed under
the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1.

Clutter currently requires:

  * GLib >= 2.16.0
  * Cairo >= 1.6
  * Pango >= 1.20
  * OpenGL >= 1.4, OpenGL ES 1.1 or OpenGL ES 2.0
  * GLX, SDL, WGL, Quartz or an EGL Implementation

The official website is: http://www.clutter-project.org
The Clutter blog is at:  http://www.clutter-project.org/blog
To subscribe to the Clutter mailing list, send mail to: clutter+subscribe o-hand com 
The official mailing list archive is: http://lists.o-hand.com/clutter/
API reference: http://www.clutter-project.org/docs/clutter/0.9/

* Notes

   o This is a development release of Clutter 0.9 leading towards the
     1.0 stable cycle. It is the first release candidate for the 1.0.0
     release: the Clutter high-level API is to be considered frozen,
     though there might be last minutes additions to the COGL low-level
     API to accommodate the performance improvements done in the
     cogl-journal-batching branch that is going to be merged next week.

   o This version is fully API and ABI incompatible with the previous
     0.8 releases.

   o This version is parallel installable with Clutter 0.8.

   o Installing this version will overwrite the files from the
     installation of a git clone of the current development
     branch (master).

   o Bugs should be reported to: http://bugzilla.o-hand.com

What's new in Clutter 0.9.4

    o Set the layout height in ClutterText, so that wrapping and ellipsization
      work correctly to fill all the allocated area.

    o Remove all the units-based API from ClutterActor, and migrate all the
      positional and dimensional accessors to use floating point values when
      dealing with pixels. All the properties dealing with pixels now that a
      floating point value as well. This change does have repercussions on
      functions with variadic arguments like clutter_actor_animate(),
      g_object_new(), g_object_set() and g_object_get().

    o Add the ability to track whether an actor is going to be painted or not,
      using the "mapped" flag. This also allows Clutter to be more strict
      in the handling of the scenegraph, ensuring correctness and avoiding
      wasting resources on nodes that won't be painted.

    o Add debugging facilities for COGL, similar to those of Clutter; through
      them is also possible to have an on screen debugging mode that shows the
      boundaries of each rectangle sent to the GPU.

    o Rework "units" into real logical distance units that can be converted
      between millimeters, typographic points and ems, into pixels.

    o Simplify the Animation class to avoid redundancy and the possibility
      of it going out of sync with the Timeline and Alpha instances it uses.

    o Move every operation into a single "master clock" source that advances
      the timelines, dispatches events and redraws the stages in a predictable
      sequence, thus avoiding unneeded redraws. The default is to follow the
      sync-to-vblank cycle, if it is supported by the drivers.

    o Cache the glyphs geometry into a vertex buffer object to avoid
      resubmitting too much information to the GPU.

    o Rework the behaviour of ClutterModel when a filter is applied.

    o Allow submitting premultiplied texture data; this removes the need
      for unpremultiplying data in CairoTexture.

    o Add a simple API for submitting blending and texture combining modes
      through a string description.

    o Move Timelines to pure time-based objects.

    o The Input devices API has been cleaned up. Currently, the X11 support
      for XInput 1.x is disabled by default, and Clutter must be configured
      with --enable-xinput in order to enable it; XInput 1.x is going to be
      replaced by XInput2, which is a far better API. Support for XInput2
      will be added during the 1.x cycle.

    o Lots of performance improvements.

    o Removal of all the deprecated API.

    o Removal of all the fixed point entry points.

    o Lots of documentation fixes - the coverage is now 99% of the exported
      1600 symbols for Clutter and 80%+ of the 300 exported symbols for COGL.

    o Generate the GObject Introspection data for both Clutter and COGL
      at build time.

    o Build environment fixes.

Many thanks to:

    Owen W. Taylor <otaylor fishsoup net>
    Thomas Wood <thomas wood intel com>
    Havoc Pennington <hp pobox com>
    Bastian Winkler <buz netbuz org>
    Chris Lord <chris linux intel com>
    Garry Bodsworth <gjb camvine com>
    Rob Bradford <rob linux intel com>
    Johan Bilien <jobi litl com>
    Jonas Bonn <jonas southpole se>
    Raymond Liu <raymond liu intel com>
    Damien Lespiau <damien lespiau gmail com>
    Dan Winship <danw gnome org>
    Marc-André Lureau <marcandre lureau gmail com>
    Robert Staudinger <robsta gnome org>
    Tommi Komulainen <tko litl com>

Full list of changes since 0.9.2:
Bastian Winkler (3):
      [docs] Fix some inconsistency in Animation
      Prevent a possible zero division
      Broken fixed:: arguments

Chris Lord (3):
      [ClutterTimeline] Fix clutter_timeline_set_delay
      [ClutterText] Return 1 for min width when editable
      [tests/micro-bench] Add a picking performance test

Colin Walters (1):
      Plug minor memory leak in cogl_vertex_buffer_submit_real

Damien Lespiau (4):
      [gitignore] Ignore two newly introduced tests
      [texture] size-change closure is now VOID:FLOAT,FLOAT
      [gitignore] ignore TAGS and new test
      Public headers should not have #ifdefs relying on private defines

Dan Winship (1):
      [cairo-texture] Document redrawing behavior

Emmanuele Bassi (224):
      Support pango_layout_set_height() in ClutterText
      Post-release bump to 0.9.3
      [docs] More information on animation queueing
      Remove usage of the grave accent as quotation mark
      [docs] Pick up backend-specific API
      [docs] Remove unused arguments
      [doc] Update the should_pick_paint() documentation
      [docs] Fix typo in the AnimationMode name
      [text] Check text length in ::button-press-event
      [text] Different selection modes with multiple clicks
      [shader] Remove deprecated set_uniform_1f()
      [group] Remove long deprecated API
      [animation] Do not unref on ::complete by default
      [group] Fix compilation
      [animation] Add the ::started signal
      [animation] Do not connect to ::completed multiple times
      [json] Avoid leaks on error code paths
      [text] Do not ellipsize non-editable layouts
      Add debug annotations for the layout process
      [stage] Warn if perspective's z_far - z_near is 0
      Merge branch 'text-actor-layout-height'
      [text] Limit the Layout width
      [text] Return the correct minimum height
      [tests] Visually verify ellipsization
      [text] Emit ::cursor-event only on changes
      [tests] Disable a subtest of the Text cache unit
      [text] Avoid a Pango warning with empty markup
      [alpha] Sanitize easing equations
      [docs] Increase verbosity for commit messages
      [x11] Use XWithdrawWindow()
      Allow passing the pick mode to get_actor_at_pos()
      Use a single master "clock" to drive timelines
      [model] Add :filter-set
      [model] Rework Model behaviour with a filter
      [tests] Exercise the Model filtering
      [docs] Add ClutterModel::get_filter_set()
      [gitignore] Update with the new Model test
      [actor] Use foreach_with_internals()
      [clone] Allow painting hidden source actors
      [gitignore] Ignore the new invariants units
      [tests] Verify that Clone can paint hidden sources
      [timeline] Expose the msec advancement
      [tests] Manually advance the timelines
      [actor] Add the :realized property
      [actor] Add ActorFlags accessor methods
      [docs] Document the destructor for Timeline
      [docs] Add Animation get_type() function
      Remove Units from the public API
      [animation] Remove InitiallyUnowned from Animation
      [text] Add ClutterText::delete_selection()
      [text] Expose position_to_coords()
      [actor] Rename focus-in and focus-out signals
      [docs] Update documentation
      Fix inclusion guards and headers
      [build] Clean up the makefile
      [build] Build Cogl introspection data
      [x11] Use -1 as the default screen guard
      Fix remaining ::focus-in signal emission
      Allow specifying the font for the em conversion
      [script] Allow parsing units in em
      [tests] Check em to unit conversion
      [animation] Do not leak timelines
      [group] Implement pick
      [clock] Rework the master clock
      [debug] Show the actor name/type on queue_redraw()
      [stage] Chain up to the correct vfunc when picking
      [actor] Relax some of the invariants checks
      Tentative fix for multi-stage support on GLX
      [build] Unbreak compilation
      [actor] Conditionally verify the map state
      [x11] Do not needlessly check XVisualInfo
      [stage] Chain up ::show before showing the implementation
      [backend] Unset the current stage if it is unrealized
      Add more debugging notes
      [x11] Unset the GL context when re-realizing
      [tests] Add command line option to the picking test
      [x11] Abstract XVisualInfo creation
      Update the redraw priority
      [backend] Abstract the GL context creation
      [text] Return the correct minimum height
      [build] Do not rebuild the conformance tests scripts
      [build] Fix with --disable-introspection
      [text] Reset the cursor when setting empty text
      [text] Maintain the cursor at the end when deleting
      [tests] Verify cursor position
      [docs] Document the destructor for Timeline
      [docs] Add Animation get_type() function
      [animation] Remove InitiallyUnowned from Animation
      [text] Add ClutterText::delete_selection()
      [text] Expose position_to_coords()
      [animation] Do not leak timelines
      [build] List cogl-internal.h
      [build] Link Cogl against -lm
      [gitignore] Add more gtk-doc droppings
      [cogl] Rework the GL-error-to-string conversion
      [texture] Add missing accessors
      Remove duplicate cogl-internal.h header
      [cogl] Rework the debug messages
      [cogl] Move debugging to a configure-time switch
      [cogl] Do no include gprintf.h
      Add more padding in Model and ModelIter classes
      Merge commit 'origin/master' into 1.0-integration
      [actor] Do not try to dereference NULL data
      [texture] Use a box instead of int coordinates
      Merge branch 'master' into 1.0-integration
      [git ignore] Add test-text-perf
      Add repaint functions
      [cogl] Remove max_waste argument from Texture ctors
      [build] Clean up cogl-pango Makefile
      Use GLib variant of strcasecmp()
      [build] Spring cleanup of configure.ac
      [build] More spring clean fixes
      [doap] Update
      [build] Decouple COGL debug level from Clutter's
      [animation] Defer the timeline handling to the Alpha
      [animation] Proxy properties whenever possible
      [animatable] Allow validation in ::animate_property
      [animation] Simplify the Animation code
      [cogl deprecated] Add backface culling deprecation
      [cogl] Make cogl_setup_viewport() a private function
      Merge branch 'master' into 1.0-integration
      [git ignore] Add blend strings test
      [docs] Fixes for the API reference
      [cogl] Generate enumeration GTypes
      Use g_once when registering enumeration types
      [build] Encode the target into the backend library
      [build] Copy cogl-enum-types.h under the guard
      [master clock] Handle Timeline::started signal correctly
      [stage manager] Add peek_stages()
      [master clock] Use StageManager::peek_stages()
      [build] Fix dist issues
      [build] Remove cogl-enum-types.h on distclean
      [actor] Add allocate_available_size()
      [docs] Remove misleading text
      [texture] Increase verbosity of error messages
      Uniformly use floats in Actor properties
      [git ignore] Add report XML output file
      [introspection] Remove Cogl symbols from Clutter GIR
      [cogl-shader] Make get_info_log() slightly nicer
      [docs] Rework the API reference version generation
      [tests] Add ClutterColor conformance tests
      [master clock] Avoid excessive redraws
      Revert commit 762873e7
      [actor] Unrealize on destroy
      Remove usage of Units and macros
      Remove a stray g_value_get_int()
      [units] Rework Units into logical distance value
      [actor] Use flags to control allocations
      [actor] Add the ::allocation-changed signal
      [units] Validate units against the ParamSpec
      [xinput] Check for the XInput entry points
      [x11] Rework map/unmap and resizing
      [actor] Force unrealization on destroy only for non-toplevels
      [text] Fix Pango unit to pixels conversion
      [xinput] Invert the XI extension version check
      [x11] Disable XInput by default
      Merge branch '1.0-integration'
      [build] Add all dependencies for pkg-config
      Fix a compiler warning
      [build] Fix compiler warnings
      [docs] Update README
      [repaint] Run the repaint functions in clutter_redraw()
      [build] Check for libXext
      Fixes for some compiler warnings
      [build] Remove -Werror for the maintainer cflags
      [units] Always recompute pixels
      [texture] Fix error reporting on ::load-finished
      [x11] Do not forcibly set the stage size on fullscreen
      [build] Add AS_COMPILER_FLAGS
      [tests] The ::focus-in signal was renamed ::key-focus-in
      [tests] Clarify the numbers
      introspection-friendly ClutterEvent accessors
      [animation] Keep a reference during notify::alpha
      [build] Add as-compiler-flag.m4 to the dist
      [introspection] Add --c-include to g-ir-scanner
      [json] Update the internal JSON-GLib copy
      [build] Update the experimental features checks
      [stage] Rename :fullscreen to :fullscreen-set
      [stage] Rename fullscreen methods
      [docs] Various gtk-docs fixes
      Run the repaint functions inside the redraw cycle
      Fix clutter_redraw() to match the redraw cycle
      [docs] Various gtk-doc fixes for COGL
      [l10n] Add LINGUAS
      [build] Use top_srcdir instead of relative paths
      Force a paint instead of calling clutter_redraw()
      [docs] Update Clutter's API reference
      [docs] Annotate fixed sized arrays
      [text] Do not leak the effective attributes
      Change the paint forcing on the Text cache text
      [tests] Fix a segfault in the binding-pool test
      Bug 1637 - Master clock improvements
      [build] Fix distcheck for the json-glib internal copy
      [tests] Update test-actors (and clones)
      [tests] Fix the VBO interactive test
      [tests] Fix the cogl_polygon() interactive test
      [tests] Add unit for Clone behaviour
      Disable single header inclusion for GLib
      [animation] Allow swapped/after signal variants
      [animation] Rework animation chaining
      [cairo-texture] Clean up and whitespace fixes
      [tests] Beautify the bouncing actor
      Add accessors for the boxed types
      [doap] Add branches for past releases
      Add more ActorBox utility methods
      [stage] Remove an assertion
      [introspection] Add --pkg switch pointing at Clutter
      [docs] Update the HACKING file
      [docs] Update the release notes
      [docs] Update the backends hacking reference
      Do not use the --pkd switch for g-ir-scanner
      Remove an unusued member from MainContext
      Hide clutter_context_get_default()
      [input] Rework input device API
      Allow checking initialization without side-effects
      [x11] Use _clutter_context_is_initialized()
      [backend] Do not store the stage manager singleton
      [tests] Remove unneeded g_type_init()
      [x11] Add a command line switch for enabling XInput
      [x11] Simplify the XInput support
      Remove the last few fixed-point entry points
      [docs] Add new input-related accessors
      Update the NEWS file
      [release] 0.9.4

Garry Bodsworth (3):
      Fix memory leak in ClutterGLXTexturePixmap.
      [glx-texture-pixmap] Unref a cogl texture handle.
      Fix for new potential memory leak in ClutterGLXTexturePixmap.

Havoc Pennington (4):
      [texture] Queue a relayout when changing :keep-aspect-ratio
      Add ClutterContainer::foreach_with_internals()
      Enforce invariants on mapped, realized, visibility states
      add cogl_push_draw_buffer() and cogl_pop_draw_buffer()

Johan Bilien (4):
      Allow using array of vertices even without textures
      Unnecessary glColorMask on alpha drops performance
      Relinquish the focus when unmapped while owning it
      Fix the leak of the GList of layers in CoglMaterial

Jonas Bonn (2):
      [animation] Final cleanups to new Animation model
      Freeze notifiers around property setters

Marc-André Lureau (1):
      build: don't double install clutter-version.h

Matthew Allum (1):
      [XInput] Get XInput working again.

Neil Roberts (56):
      Revert "Use COGL to establish GL state for ClutterGLXTexturePixmap"
      [glx-texture-pixmap] Don't enable the texture target when binding the texture
      [doc] Fix two small typos in cogl-vertex-buffer
      [cogl-pango-render] Fix returning to default color after a color attribute
      [cogl-handle] Fix the broken debug macros
      [clutter-text] Add a separate property for the selection color
      Fix fullscreening when the stage is unrealized and on dual-head
      [clutter-text] Fix ellipsizing
      [test-pick] Improve to include a covering actor
      [ClutterText] Fix actors with a width but no wrapping and the wrap modes
      Render pango layouts with vertex buffers
      [ClutterTexture] Attach the FBO texture to a layer in the material
      [ClutterTexture] Check before unrefing the fbo_handle
      Accumulate small deltas
      [build] Fix out-of-tree builds for Cogl
      Don't clear the stencil buffer before painting and picking
      [cogl-pango-render] Fix the positioning when calling cogl_pango_render_layout
      [pango-render] Keep a reference to the first line to detect layout changes
      Make backface culling work with vertex buffers
      [cogl-pango-display-list] Use GL_TRIANGLES under GLES
      Merge branch 'pango-vbo' into 1.0-integration
      [test-text-perf] Small fix-ups
      [cogl-vertex-buffer] Ensure the clip state before rendering
      [actor] In paint when opacity == 0, clear the queued_redraw flag
      [test-text-perf] Use queue_redraw instead of painting the stage directly
      [configure] Always execute the AM_CONDITIONAL call for X11_TESTS
      [cogl-vertex-buffer] Add cogl_vertex_buffer_indices_get_for_quads
      [pango-display-list] Use indexed vertices on GLES
      [pango-display-list] Use the CoglAttributeType macros instead of GL_FLOAT
      Use GL_QUADS for flushing a quad batch
      [cogl-texture] Don't take ownership of the data in cogl_texture_new_from_bitmap
      [configure] Require pango 1.20 instead of 1.18
      Rename 'near' and 'far' variables to 'z_near' and 'z_far'
      Load glBlendEquation and glBlendColor using cogl_get_proc_address
      [clutter-event-win32] Fix the argument types to clutter_actor_get_size
      [clutter-stage-win32] Call clutter_actor_map instead of setting the flags
      [gles/cogl-shader] Fix parameter spec for cogl_shader_get_info_log
      [timeline] Remove the concept of frames from timelines
      [cogl-material] Allow setting a layer with an invalid texture handle
      [cogl] Move the texture filters to be a property of the material layer
      [gles/cogl-shader] Add a missing semicolon
      Update the GLES backend to have the layer filters in the material
      [clutter-stage-egl] Pass -1,-1 to clutter_stage_x11_fix_window_size
      [cogl-primitives] Fix an unused variable warning when building GLES
      Merge branch 'timeline-no-fps' into 1.0-integration
      [ClutterActor] Fix check for zero opacity when being painted from a clone
      [CoglPangoDisplayList] Don't store the base color in the display list
      [CoglTexture] Initialise tex->first_pixels to NULL in all constructors
      [master-clock] Throttle if no redraw was performed
      [timeline] Don't clamp the elapsed time when a looping tl reaches the end
      [test-timeline] Add a marker at the beginning of the timeline
      [tests] Don't add a newline to the end of g_test_message calls
      Revert "[timeline] Don't clamp the elapsed time when a looping tl reaches the end"
      [timelines] Improve marker hit check and don't fudge the delta
      [test-cogl-tex-tile] Fix breakages from ClutterFixed removal and timelines
      [ClutterCairoTexture] Use the right component ordering when uploading data

Owen W. Taylor (35):
      [clone] Redraw when the source changes
      Fix chain-up in clutter_list_model_dispose()
      Don't build Cogl.gir against installed Clutter library
      Use the right internal format for GL_ARB_texture_rectangle
      Add a test for text performance
      Fix stopping a timeline
      [actor] get_transformed_position(): initialize Z value
      [build] Search for Cogl GIR in the right place
      Handle a clone of an actor with an unmapped parent
      Use double temporaries when computing group size
      Be more tolerant about natural_width < min_width
      Remove unnecessary setting of CLUTTER_ACTOR_REALIZED flag
      Straighten out 'realize' handling for ClutterGLXTexturePixmap
      Properly adjust msecs_delta when clamping elapsed time
      On bad blend strings, print the error if not returning it
      Fix unitialized first_pixels for foreign textures
      Only advance the master clock before drawing a frame
      Simplify timeout list handling for the master clock
      Remove unused msecs_delta member
      Call g_main_context_wakeup() when we start running timelines
      Remove stage update idle and do updates from the master clock
      Compress events as part of the frame cycle
      Avoid motion-compression in test-picking test
      Decrease the main-loop priority of the frame cycle
      Limit the frame rate when not syncing to VBLANK
      Move elapsed-time calculations into ClutterTimeline
      Remove useless manual timeline ticking
      Add cogl_color_premultiply()
      Use correct texture format for pixmap textures and FBO's
      Implement premultiplication for CoglBitmap
      Default to a blend function that expects premultiplied colors
      Don't unpremultiply Cairo data
      Avoid unnecesary unpremultiplication when saving to local data
      Fix handling of not-visible texture pixmaps
      Fix redraw queueing in the presence of cloning

Raymond Liu (2):
      [text] Use the base class binding pool
      Emit key focus signal when stage state changes

Rob Bradford (3):
      [list-model] Use an internal iterator for comparisons
      [model] Add a private row mutator to ClutterModelIter
      [list-model] Return NULL for first row in a fully filtered model

Robert Bragg (59):
      [clutter-color] Use a different hls->rgb algorithm + use floating point
      [test-cogl-vertex-buffer] Use clutter_color_from_hls instead of hsl_to_rgb
      [cogl] Apply the fix from 2c1c836417 (Flush matrix before clip planes) to GLES
      Removes a hack in gles/cogl.c that was already fixed in gl/cogl.c
      [cogl_rectangles] A minor doc fix, and missing newline between functions
      [cogl] Move rect and poly drawing code from cogl-texture.c to cogl-primitives.c
      [build] Fixes a cogl-vertex-buffer.c warning when building for GLES
      Removes cogl_blend_func prototype from cogl-internal.h
      Unifies 90% of the code in {gl,gles}/cogl.c in common/cogl.c
      [cogl] handle_automatic_blend_enable(): consider layers with invalid textures
      [cogl-handle] Optimize how we define cogl handles
      [cogl] cogl_is_*(): Don't dereference an invalid handle; just return FALSE
      Use $(MAINTAINER_CFLAGS) in clutter/{x11,glx}/Makefile.am
      [cogl debug] --cogl-debug=rectangles now outlines all cogl rectangles
      [cogl vertex buffers] Adds fallbacks for drivers without VBO support
      [gl/cogl.c] #include <gmodule.h> for OS X builds
      [x11-texture-pixmap] Fixes a reported lockup due to an undesireable X server grab
      [cogl] Adds a bitfield argument to cogl_clear for specifying which buffers to clear
      [cogl] Updates all file headers and removes lots of trailing white space
      [cogl-material] make _cogl_material_layer_free check for an invalid texture handle
      [cogl] Only expose CoglBitmap as a CoglHandle
      [cogl-offscreen] Cleans up the cogl offscreen API and adds documentation
      [cogl-material] Adds a cogl_material_set_color4f convenience function
      Don't call glFinish in _clutter_do_pick
      [ClutterTexture] Remove a spurious line I accidentally committed in 741c4bb5
      [cogl] Remove the COGL{enum,int,uint} typedefs
      [cogl-clip-stack] Support pushing rectangles onto the stack using window coords
      [picking] Use cogl_clip_push_window_rect to greatly reduce the cost of picking.
      [text] Ensure clutter_text_get_selection copes with start/end positions of -1
      [actor_paint] Ensure painting is a NOP for actors with opacity = 0
      [build] The cogl GE macro wasn't passing an int according to the format string
      [build] Ensure that cogl-debug is disabled by default
      [build] Fixes some compiler warnings when building for GLES 2
      [cogl-material] Support string based blending and layer combine descriptions
      [cogl-material] Removes all the API made redundant by the blend strings API
      [material] Reduce the material API in preperation for releasing Clutter 1.0
      [cogl] Remove cogl_flush_gl_state from the API
      [cogl-vertex-buffers] Support putting index arrays into VBOS
      [cogl-vertex-buffer] Seal GL types from the public API
      [vbo indices] tweak add_indices api to return an id and add delete_indices api
      [cogl] Remove cogl_{create,destroy}_context from the public API
      [cogl matrix] Support ortho and perspective projections.
      [cogl] renamed cogl_enable_* to cogl_set_*_enabled + added getters
      [deprecated defines] Adds some missing cogl_texture_* deprecated defines
      [cogl journal] If we are only flushing one quad use a TRIANGLE_FAN
      [cogl vertex buffers] Give indices a CoglHandle so they are shareable
      [test-conformance] we were calling clutter_init with un-initialized arguments
      [cogl] cogl_material_set_layer does nothing if resetting the same texture
      [test-blend-strings] Fix a silly off by one that meant the test couldn't fail
      [cogl-bitmap] Fix minor copy and paste error in _cogl_bitmap_fallback_premult
      [bitmap] Fixes _cogl_bitmap_fallback_unpremult
      [premultiplication] Be more conservative with what data gets premultiplied
      [test-blend-strings] Explicitly request RGBA_888 tex format for test textures
      [fog] Document that fogging only works with opaque or unmultipled colors
      [test-premult] Adds a unit test for texture upload premultiplication semantics
      [cogl-texture docs] Improves the documentation of the internal_format args
      Bug 1406 - Handling of premultiplication in clutter
      [cogl] Don't allow calling cogl_set_source_texture with an INVALID_HANDLE
      [_cogl_texture_bitmap_prepare] use bitmap format for FORMAT_ANY + no alpha

Robert Staudinger (1):
      [color] Add support for the "#rgba" color format

Thomas Wood (7):
      [text] take text padding into account when in single line mode
      [text] position the cursor correctly in single line mode
      [text] take scrolling into account when calculating cursor position
      [text] account for scrolling in clutter_text_position_to_coords
      [text] account for scrolling in text selections
      [text] scroll to the cursor position if it is outside the allocation
      [text] fix problems with scrolling interaction

Tommi Komulainen (1):
      stage: set key focus actor to NULL before emitting focus-out

Øyvind Kolås (4):
      [actor] use an epsilon whens sanity checking sizes
      [animation] add varargs support for signal::completed
      [group] avoid double evaluation of arguments in clutter_group_add
      [events] Added handling of missing type to clutter_event_get_state

Have fun with Clutter!


Emmanuele Bassi, Intel Open Source Technology Center

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