File Roller 2.27.1 released

File Roller 2.27.1 is now available for download at:

06c2647248b8a43bab8e53686ce63324 file-roller-2.27.1.tar.bz2
462673f7de9d0537e4e6f3dae9109683 file-roller-2.27.1.tar.gz

this is a development release in a series leading to file-roller 2.28

What is File Roller

File Roller is an archive manager for the GNOME environment. This means that you can create and modify archives; view the content of an archive; view and modify a file contained in the archive; extract files from the archive. File Roller supports tar, zip, rar and many other archive formats, the README file contains a complete list of the supported archive types.

Overview of Changes from File Roller 2.26.2 to 2.27.1

New features and user visible changes

* Added support for lzip compressed archives (#579467)
* Added support for xz compressed archives (#582237)

Bugs fixed:

* #582712: Opening multipart encrypted .7z files does not work (file-roller-created .7z)
* #584675: Untracked files on fresh clone
* #580070: Garbage is displayed when adding a folder
* #583863: Wrong explanation for the command 'extract-here'.
* #584810: File-roller uses libsexy
* #584718: File-roller crashes when opening certain archives with wierd characters in filename
* #581102: build error in copy-n-paste/
* #578467: Should not use deprecated gtk symbols

New or updated application translations:

* Danish (Kenneth Nielsen)
* Español (Jorge González)
* Estonian (Ivar Smolin)
* Greek (Thanos Lefteris)
* Kazakh (Baurzhan M.)

New or updated manual translations:

* Greek (Μάριος Ζηντίλης)

Build instructions

In order to build this program from the source code you need a working GNOME environment version 2.x, with the development tools installed properly.
Also you need the following libraries:

* glib >= 2.16.0
* gtk+ >= 2.16.0
* gconf >= 2.6.0
* libnautilus-extension >= 2.22.2 (optional)

To install the program, extract the tar archive, go to the main directory and type the following commands:

sudo make install


This program is released under the terms of the GNU General Public
License (GNU GPL) version 2 or greater. You can find a copy of the license in the file COPYING.

June 15, 2009
Paolo Bacchilega

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