ANNOUNCE: Cheese 2.27.3 released

No more flickering, no more ugly padding, black bars... we're getting
sexy, aren't we?

what is it?
Take photos and videos with your webcam, with fun graphical effects

what's changed in 2.27.3?
  - Set default resolution to the highest one with a non jerky (higher than
    15fps) framerate, fixes bug #585857
  - Lower max-delay and max-page-delay oggmux properties from 5 to 0.5
    seconds. Should prevent out of sync audio in recorded videos and
    hopefully fix bug #585761
  - Don't access effects string after free. This was causing the first effect
    stored in gconf to not be restored at startup, fixes bug 584186
  - Get rid of GtkAspectFrame, it doesn't really suit our needs, it hardcodes
    an aspect ratio that obviously cannot be valid for every format webcams
    support. Render the video directly to the drawing area with no external
    aspect ratio restriction. Eventually fixes bug #559188 since the
    aspectframe was adding some extra padding between the video and the window
  - Almost every available gstreamer videosink can display black bars around
    the video keeping its aspect ratio. Enable it if available.
    Black bars look a lot nicer than the grey color of the underlying
    gtkwindow displayed with the aspectframe.
  - Properly forward expose events to GstXOverlay.
  - Avoid ugly flickering on window resize. Let gstxoverlay take full control
    of the drawing area window. Prevent gtk from drawing the background and
    remove the flickering caused by its internal double buffering.
  - Remove initial black bars (at least for 4:3 webcams). Set a default window
    size that fits nicely the video aspect ratio so that black bars are not
    drawn until a manual resize.
  - Added/Updated Translations
    - ca, courtesy of Gil Forcada
    - nb, courtesy of Kjartan Maraas
    - sv, courtesy of Daniel Nylander
    - ta, courtesy of Dr.T.Vasudevan
  - Added/Updated Documentation
    - el, courtesy of Simos Xenitellis

where can i get it?
you can get it by pressing here!

what does it look like?
take a look here!

where can i find out more?
you can visit the project web site:

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