ANNOUNCE: krb5-auth-dialog 0.11

What is it?
krb5-auth-dialog is a tray applet for the GNOME desktop that monitors
and refreshes your Kerberos ticket. It pops up reminders when the ticket
is about to expire.

It features ticket autorenewal and supports pkinit.

What's changed in 0.11?
* add a user manual
* add svg and 48x48 icons, use them in notifications
* add DBus API to destroy ticket cache (can be used on e.g. laptop
  suspend, screensaver, ...)
* cleanups and bug fixes
* i18n updates:
        * de: Guido Günther
        * es: Jorge Gonzalez
        * fr: Claude Paroz
        * sv: Daniel Nylander
        * pa: A S Alam
* user manual i18n:
        * de: Mario Blättermann

Where can i get it?
krb5-auth-dialog is available at:

Where can i get more information?
Screenshots, Todo list, etc. are at:

 -- Guido

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