ANNOUNCE GCalctool 5.27.4

The GCalctool team is proud to announce the fourth unstable GNOME 2.27 release.

This release has the following changes from 5.27.3:

    * Update bit editor after shifting (Robert Ancell, Bug #587545)

    * Use a base-10 internal representation (Robert Ancell, bug
#585813, bug #585931, bug #560802)

    * Make padding consistent in GUI (Jerry Casiano, Bug #587292)

    * Support implicit multiply before functions, e.g. "6 log 3"
(Robert Ancell, Bug #586812)

    * Use inverse notation for trigonometric functions, i.e. "asin" -> "sin⁻¹"

    * Use lowercase notation for trigonometric and logarithm functions to look
      more like standard mathematical notation

    * Put spacing around functions, i.e. "sin" -> " sin "

    * Use subscript for logarithm base two, i.e. "log2" -> "log₂"

    * Added etched border around display (Robert Ancell, Bug #140836)

    * Rewrote out of date man page (Robert Ancell, Bug #585997)

    * Updated documentation: cs (Marek Cernocky)

    * Updated translations: bn_IN (Runa Bhattacharjee), cs (Marek Cernocky),
                            es (Jorge Gonzalez), fr (Jonathan Ernst,
Claude Paroz),
                            ta (drtvasudevan), sv (Daniel Nylander),
                            uk (Maxim V. Dziumanenko)

The release is available from:

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