[ANNOUNCE] Clutter 0.9.0 (core) - developers snapshot

hi everyone;

Clutter 0.9.0 is now available for download at:


MD5 Checksums:

  48abe304471c568b40735f3430ff1cc9  clutter-0.9.0.tar.gz
  19ec01d56c5eadc9ce7d0b73fce52969  clutter-0.9.0.tar.bz2

Clutter is an open source software library for creating fast, visually
rich and animated graphical user interfaces. Clutter is licensed under
the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1.

Clutter currently requires:

  * GLib >= 2.14.0
  * Cairo >= 1.6
  * Pango >= 1.18
  * OpenGL >= 1.4, OpenGL ES 1.1 or OpenGL ES 2.0
  * GLX, SDL, WGL, Quartz or an EGL Implementation

The official website is: http://www.clutter-project.org
The Clutter blog is at:  http://www.clutter-project.org/blog
To subscribe to the Clutter mailing list, send mail to: clutter+subscribe o-hand com 
The official mailing list archive is: http://lists.o-hand.com/clutter/
API reference: http://www.clutter-project.org/docs/clutter/0.9/

* Notes

   o This is a development release of Clutter 0.9 leading towards the
     1.0 stable cycle.

   o This version is fully API and ABI incompatible with the previous
     0.8 releases.

   o This version is parallel installable with Clutter 0.8.

   o Installing this version will overwrite the files from the
     installation of a git clone of the current development
     branch (master).

   o Bugs should be reported to: http://bugzilla.o-hand.com

   o The API of Clutter 0.9 is "slushy": it can still change before
     the 1.0.0 release - though changes will hopefully be contained
     and small.

   o GLES 2 support is broken, at the moment; it will be fixed
     before 1.0.0 is released, and as usual patches are most

What's new in Clutter 0.9.0

   o ClutterText is a new actor allowing text display, text editing
     both in multi-line and single-line modes, and text selection using
     the pointer devices and the keyboard. ClutterText supercedes both
     ClutterLabel and ClutterEntry.
   o ClutterClone is a new actor that allows cloning of other actors,
     both simple and composite. ClutterClone supercedes ClutterCloneTexture.
   o ClutterBindingPool is a new API that allows to easily add key bindings
     to an actor.
   o ClutterAnimation is a new API for implicit animations, similar to
     the tweening API used in toolkits like jQuery, Tween and Flash. This
     new API supercedes the ClutterEffect API.
   o ClutterAlpha uses "animation modes" instead of raw function
     pointers; it is still possible to pass alpha functions. The alpha
     functions provided by Clutter have been removed from the public
     API. It is possible to register global alpha functions and use
     them though a logical id.
   o The interval of the ClutterAlpha:alpha property has been changed
     to a floating point value in the [ -1.0, 2.0 ] range; this allowed
     the addition of "overshooting" easing modes.
   o COGL now supports backface culling.
   o The COGL-based Pango renderer is public API and it is accessible
     to developers. It is also possible to access the PangoContext used
     by Clutter in order to create PangoLayouts to render text.
   o The ClutterFixed API has been moved to COGL.
   o COGL does not depend on Clutter data types anymore.
   o The ClutterMedia interface has been overhauled: implementations
     now must only override the interface properties. The ranges of
     some properties have been changed to normalized values.
   o COGL now exposes only floating point entry points, and reserves
     the eventual conversion to fixed point only when needed. The
     fixed point type and macros are publicly available for developers
     concerned about floating point operations.
   o COGL has a new Vertex Attribues API that allows submitting an
     extensible number of vertex attributes to OpenGL in a way that
     does not require format conversions and allows fast re-use.
   o COGL has a new Material API that decouples paths from fills; it
     is possible to create an arbitrary path and fill it with a COGL
     texture. The Material API also allows setting multiple texture
     layers and defining the blend modes and colors.
   o ClutterTexture has the ability to use a worker thread to asynchronously
     load an image from a file, as long as the GLib threading support has
     been enabled prior to calling clutter_init().
   o Clutter now supports localization of the help output, and it
     also supports globally setting the text direction for non left to
     right locales.
   o ClutterCairoTexture is a new actor that allows using Cairo
     to draw on a ClutterTexture; since Cairo does not have an OpenGL
     backend, the drawing is not hardware accelerated.
   o Clutter has a unit testing suite, based on the GLib unit test
     framework, which can be used to track regressions.
   o A ClutterPath object has been added, and it is used by the
     BehaviourPath. The Path object allows defining paths using a set
     of coordinates and operations. A Path can be "painted" either using
     COGL primitives or using Cairo primitives, allowing an easier way
     to paint non-rectangular shaped actors.
   o ClutterInterval is a simple object, used by ClutterAnimation, that
     describes an interval between two values, and interpolates between
     the initial and final values of the interval.

List of bugs fixed since 0.8

   o #835 - Optimize clutter_actor_real_pick()
   o #851 - setting anchor point causes picking problem
   o #883 - Outstanding COGL merge issues
   o #1003 - Add clutter_actor_take_key_focus
   o #1014 - Clutter Animation API Improvements.
   o #1049 - Clutter doesn't support most GLSL uniforms
   o #1051 - WebKit/Clutter product/component?
   o #1058 - Build clutter-box2d with Clutter 0.8
   o #1066 - Clipping regression in 0.8
   o #1086 - virtualize stage_queue_redraw
   o #1105 - low level access to PangoClutter
   o #1106 - ClutterText instead of ClutterLabel and ClutterEntry
   o #1108 - Enter/Leave events logics wrt. skipped motion events
   o #1109 - clutter-0.8.0 fails to compile
   o #1123 - Crash when FBO actor is used and the stage is MINIMIZED
   o #1144 - Provide an option to load images asynchronously in ClutterTexture
   o #1162 - Add unit testing for Clutter
   o #1164 - Mesh API
   o #1172 - Disjoint paths and clip to path
   o #1189 - Backface culling
   o #1209 - Move fixed point API in COGL
   o #1210 - Add CoglColor API
   o #1211 - Drop ClutterFeatureFlags usage from COGL
   o #1212 - Allow only a single include file for Clutter
   o #1215 - Move the Pango renderer to the public API
   o #1219 - Clean up cogl.h
   o #1231 - Build fails in gles flavour in revision 3442
   o #1233 - CLUTTER_ALPHA_SINE_INC is broken in trunk
   o #1251 - Merge the Cairo texture actor in core
   o #1252 - Merge ClutterBehaviourPath and ClutterBehaviourBspline
   o #1261 - [patch] Minimize differences between gl/cogl-texture.c and
   o #1269 - mingw32 building failed at clutter-media.c
   o #1270 - Update to mingw-cross-compile.sh
   o #1271 - mingw compiling failed:  undefined reference to
     `_glDrawRangeElements 24'
   o #1284 - Return something reasonable from clutter_x11_handle_event()
   o #1300 - clutter_score_remove and clutter_score_remove_all  are different
     in object remove
   o #1310 - font rendering problem
   o #1313 - Fix computation of camera distance
   o #1314 - clutter_sinx() is more inaccurate than it needs to be
   o #1321 - Get Matrix in float
   o #1323 - ClutterBehaviorDepth conflicts with other behaviors
   o #1325 - ClutterPath to cairo_path_t conversion functions
   o #1330 - We should not queue redraw for non-visible actors
   o #1334 - Default value for ClutterLabel::text should be "" instead of NULL
   o #1344 - clutter_actor_transform_stage_point gives invalid coordinates
     for big actors
   o #1352 - Weird cogl-pango.h includes in clutter-[entry|label].c
   o #1354 - Floating point exception when set fps>1000 and start timeline
   o #1361 - Unused ClutterStage::get_resolution() methods
   o #1365 - ClutterEntry doesn't get the cursor when it should
   o #1366 - disable-npots fails to build on mac
   o #1380 - Return booleans from CLUTTER_ACTOR_IS_* macros
   o #1386 - Wrong clipping dimensions for larger actors
   o #1387 - Clarify new-frame signal emission with advance()
   o #1388 - Clarify signal emission for advance_to_marker()
   o #1395 - behaviour_apply and behaviour_get_nth_actor are opposite on
     actors sequence
   o #1397 - clutter command line is not localized.
   o #1402 - Change default tile-waste from 64 to 63
   o #1403 - ClutterMedia::get_uri() should return allocated string
   o #1404 - ClutterMedia issues
   o #1405 - Fix properties that have X11 types to be 'long'
   o #1409 - Use G_SIGNAL_RUN_LAST with ::queue-redraw signal
   o #1410 - [patch] Implements a generic ClutterActorClone class without fbos
   o #1414 - avoid relayout of ClutterTexture if not syncing size
   o #1415 - short-circuit setting same clip again

see the attached shortlog for a list of contributors and commits

have fun with Clutter!


Emmanuele Bassi, Intel Open Source Technology Center
Chris Lord (1):
      Update/clean and apply the async-texture patch from bug #1144

Emmanuele Bassi (339):
      Update DOAP file
      Fix the dependencies in the Makefile template
      Put back Project as the top-level element
      Update git ignore file
      Fix a typo
      Fix typo
      Update TODO
      Do not modify parameters in place
      Update ignore file
      Resort the main Clutter include file
      Initial import of the Text actor from Tidy
      Use internal headers
      Group all the integer private fields
      Coalesce ClutterLabel API usage
      Update the ClutterText interactive test
      Expose the Text accessors as public API
      Merge Label and Entry API into ClutterText
      Add Actor::grab_key_focus() method
      Add Text::get_chars() method declaration
      Merge the ClutterLabel properties into ClutterText
      Correctly initialize the initial state of ClutterText
      Move test-threads to ClutterText
      Add text-visibility accessors for ClutterText
      Initialize the cursor position
      Add missing basic constructor
      Add text editing methods
      Add a separate test unit for ClutterText
      Replace offset_to_bytes() implementation
      General whitespace fixes in ClutterText
      Add :cursor-color-set property declaration
      Improve the safety checks inside the text setters
      Use the stored contents length in ::delete_chars()
      Update the ClutterText test unit
      Implement Text:max-length
      Coding style consistency
      Move internal data structures on top
      Add comments in the test suite
      Do not namespace internal data structures
      Add Text::get_chars() implementation and tests
      Use ClutterBindPool inside ClutterText
      Comment out the mapping API
      Change the binding propagation when truncating a selection
      Truncate selections on text insertion
      Remove units for Entry and Label
      Remove unused types
      Code style fixes
      Add documentation annotations
      Use the paint opacity when painting a ClutterText
      Do not use contractions when not needed
      Allow only synthetic events with keyval 0
      Update the paint opacity unit test
      Update ignore file
      Do not compile the opacity and entry interactive tests
      Update the interactive tests to ClutterText
      Update the micro-bench tests to ClutterText
      Remove ClutterEntry and ClutterLabel from the build
      Lazily create the PangoContext on Text::init
      Fix documentation issues
      [docs] Update the API reference
      Require Cairo as a Clutter dependency
      Add ClutterCairoTexture
      [docs] Add ClutterCairoTexture to the API reference
      Set the IN_PAINT private flag
      Do not set the IN_PAINT flag inside the Stage paint
      Print a warning when creating a cairo_t while painting
      Small documentation fixes
      Warn instead of returning in the IN_PAINT check
      Remove a double semi-colon typo
      Fix a typo in the ClutterParamSpecFixed declaration
      Re-indent ClutterPath header
      Remove ClutterLabel and ClutterEntry
      [docs] Add annotations for ClutterText structures
      Constify the cursor geometry in ::cursor-event
      Use units in position_to_coords()
      Fix up/down key navigation
      Fix line start and line end key binding behaviour
      Remove unused page up/down key bindings
      Add :cursor-size property to ClutterText
      Allow selecting with line-start and line-end bindings
      [docs] Add :cursor-size property accessors
      [docs] Annotate properties and fix signals docs
      [docs] Add more gtk-doc annotations for ClutterText
      Add ClutterText::activate()
      Use clutter_text_activate()
      [docs] Add more gtk-doc annotations
      Fix ClutterText::get_selection()
      Add ClutterText::set_selection()
      [docs] Add clutter_text_set_selection to gtk-doc
      [tests] Make the layout cache fail at the right place
      Fix the selection behaviour around the 0th glyph
      [tests] Create a real file for each test unit
      [cairo-texture] Silently discard 0x0 surfaces
      [docs] Add coding style document
      [docs] Fix a copy-and-paste typo in the coding style
      [units] Do not use fixed point and units interchangeably
      [tests] Fix the actor detection
      [texture] Do not mix fixed point and units values
      Merge branch 'cairo-texture'
      [docs] Fix a typo in the binding pool section
      [docs] Add ClutterPath unused symbols
      [docs] Add shader symbols to their sections
      [docs] Add last few missing symbols to the sections file
      [docs] Parameter naming fixes
      Whitespace fixes
      [docs] Documentation fixes for CairoTexture
      [docs] Remove a duplicate definition
      Avoid masking math.h exported variables
      Do not include cogl-pango.h multiple times
      Use "" as the default value for the :text property
      Add signals for Backend options
      Add a per-actor PangoContext
      Create the PangoContext of the Text actor
      Do not leak the PangoContext
      Store the PangoContext inside the main context
      Update the PangoContext on backend changes
      Store the default font name inside ClutterBackend
      Use the default font from the Backend
      Return the default font name if no font name is set
      Add the ability to set the text direction
      [docs] Document the newly added functions
      Add more maintainer CFLAGS
      Fix an empty block
      Remove a masking with index()
      Merge branch 'units-rework'
      [docs] Remove ClutterLabel and ClutterEntry sections
      [docs] Add clutter_text_activate()
      [text] Add select-all binding
      Allow overriding actions inside a BindingPool
      [docs] Add the new API to the BindingPool section
      Whitespace fixes
      Rename the PangoContext creation functions
      Add ClutterActor::create_pango_context()
      Remove BindingPool::list_actions()
      Remove the binding pool entry from the list
      Revert the logic of the PangoContext check
      Pass the PangoContext, not the MainContext
      Clean up the update_pango_context() function
      Allow localizations to change the text direction
      Animate ClutterColor properties
      [text] Coalesce text visibility and password character
      [docs] Update the Text section
      [tests] Add unit for the ClutterText:password-char property
      [text] Use cached length when possible
      [text] Fix the deletion actions
      [text] Add single-line-mode to ClutterText
      [tests] Add text field interactive test
      Update the ignore file
      [docs] Add newly added :single-line-mode accessors
      Comments and whitespace fixes to ClutterText
      [text] Fix cursor sizing
      Re-align ClutterText header file
      Merge the ClutterText actor
      [tests] Remove test-opacity interactive test
      [tests] Make test-scale use ClutterText
      [text] Do not ensure the cursor if not needed
      [text] Do not use markup on an editable Text
      [docs] Documentation fixes
      [tests] Update the ClutterText interactive test
      Rename a variable masking index()
      [animation] Interval::compute_value should return a boolean
      [animation] Allow registering custom progress function
      [animation] Add ClutterAnimatable
      [animation] Use ClutterAnimatable inside Animation
      [animation] Extend ClutterAnimation support to all objects
      [docs] Update the ClutterAnimation section
      Add license notice to ClutterAnimation files
      [docs] Add ClutterAnimatable to the API reference
      Merge branch 'animatable-iface' into animation-improvements
      Fix last improper usage of ClutterUnits
      [text] Fix GObject properties in ClutterText
      [x11] Fix a race condition when resizing a stage
      [docs] Documentation warnings
      [x11] Proper fix for the ClutterStage resize race
      Allow ensuring that a stage viewport is updated
      Declare G_LOG_DOMAIN for COGL
      Merge branch 'master' into async-textures
      Add API for extracting image size from a file
      [async-loading] Update asynchronous image loading
      [async-loading] Do not force the texture size on async load
      Whitespace fixes in ClutterTexture
      Turn ClutterBindingPool a GObject
      Add ClutterBindingPool:name
      [gitignore] Update the ignore file
      Fix compilation warning
      Merge branch 'animation-improvements'
      Add declaration of clutter_binding_pool_get_type()
      Fix compile warning for a possible uninitialized variable
      Add unused symbols
      Merge branch 'async-textures'
      Emit ::load-finished for every texture load
      Remove the Effects API
      Bug 1380 - Return booleans from CLUTTER_ACTOR_IS_* macros
      [alpha] Allow registering alpha functions
      Remove AnimationMode from the Animation API
      [doc] Clarify the animation mode meaning
      [docs] Clarify what API registers a global alpha function
      [eglnative] Set the SYNC_MATRICES on stage realization
      [animation] Move the alpha value to floating point
      [animation] Implement new easing functions
      [docs] Update the easing modes documentation
      [script] Parse easing modes by name
      Bug 1404 - ClutterMedia issues
      [docs] Update ClutterMedia section
      Change the COGL texture constructor to use flags
      [tests] Update the tests calling cogl_texture_new_*
      [docs] Build COGL API reference first
      [docs] Add CoglTextureFlags to the API reference
      [docs] Remove sources of warnings in API references
      Remove the single-stage units converters
      Add units-from-em conversion
      [docs] Specify the coordinate space of ButtonEvent
      Store the units-per-em inside the Backend
      Fix the format for a floating point value
      [units] Fix Units in GValue and ClutterParamSpecUnit
      Fix typo in the flags update
      Avoid needlessly queue redraws for invisible actors
      [gles] Fix computation of camera distance
      Use the allocation to get the pick area
      Improve accuracy of clutter_sinx()
      [tests] Use the right value in cogl_texture_new*
      [gitignore] Update ignore file with the new tests
      [actor] Add the ::pick signal to the Actor class
      Merge branch 'float-alpha-value'
      Fix compiler warnings
      Split maintainer-flags from the compiler flags
      Clean up the test reports
      Bug 1361 - Unused ClutterStage::get_resolution() methods
      Bug 1395 - apply and get_nth_actor are inconsistent
      Whitespace fixes for BehaviourEllipse
      Rename ActorClone to Clone/1
      [timeline] Limit timelines to 1000 frames per second
      [timeline] Create markers hash tables on demand
      [tests] Assert as soon as possible
      [timeline] Documentation and comment fixes
      [timeline] Whitespace fixes
      [timeline] Intern signal names
      [timeline] Move a complex condition into its own function
      [timeline] Check the fps property range in the ctor
      Bug 1387 - Clarify new-frame signal emission with advance()
      Bug 1388 - Clarify signal emission for advance_to_marker()
      [tests] Remove an unused variable
      Rename ActorClone to Clone/2
      [tests] Clean up the Clone interactive test
      Remove CloneTexture from the API
      Fallout from cogl-material merge
      Merge branch 'generic-actor-clone'
      Removed unused conditional
      [docs] Update Clutter API reference symbols
      [docs] Documentation fixes
      Update the release notes for 1.0
      Fix typo in the :clone getter method
      Remove gtk-doc annotation
      Reuse the layers list
      Update the release notes for 1.0
      Update NEWS file
      Update the pkg-config requires list
      [cogl-docs] Add the Materials section
      [clutter-docs] Update the animation tutorial
      Move the old ChangeLog into its own file
      Fix a variable masking warning
      [build] Add automatic ChangeLog generation on dist
      [gitignore] Update ignore file
      Add cogl-material-private.h to the source files
      [build] Fix distcheck of ChangeLog
      Update README

Havoc Pennington (3):
      Bug 1087 - virtualize stage_queue_redraw
      Bug 1415 - short-circuit setting same clip again
      Bug 1414 - avoid relayout of ClutterTexture if not syncing size

Jason Tackaberry (1):
      Bug 1409 - Use G_SIGNAL_RUN_LAST with ::queue-redraw signal

Matthew Allum (5):

Neil Roberts (155):
      Bug 1075 - Difficult to bind clutter_stage_new
      Bug 1069 - Warnings with ClutterScore
      Bug 1071 - clutter_timeline_get_duration doesn't always work
      Bug 945 - Clipping+fbo cloning bugs
      The *-sections.txt files in the doc/reference folders should not be
      Bug 1091 - WM_MOUSEWHEEL (scroll-event) not handled correctlly
      Bug 1085 - Cursor is in wrong position on ClutterEntry if set
      Bug 1103 - Two typos in clutter documentation
      Bug 1137 - Setting the anchor point does not trigger a re-paint
      Bug 1010 - ClutterLabel does not update the layout (again)
      Bug 1034 - Picking doesn't work on Eee PC
      Bug 1100 - WM_SIZE not handled correctly, user_resize and
      Bug 1121 - Setting anchor point doesn't work if set too early
      Bug 1145 - Flicker on resize the window
      Bug 1080 - clutter_stage_read_pixels has upside-down y coordinate
      Forgot to add ChangeLog entry in the last commit.
      Bug 1044 - cogl_get_viewport error
      Bug 1048 - SIGFPE in cogl_texture_set_region() with nvidia
      Bug 856 - Teardown sequence is borked
      Bug 1195 - ClutterBehaviourBspline only works for very short paths
      Bug 1043 - COGL calls glTexSubImage2D() with out-of-bounds
      Bug 1196 - Texture border drawing problems
      Bug 1189 - Backface culling
      Bug 1206 - Picking disabled dithering
      Bug 1074 - FBOs on GLES
      Bug 1207 - Timelines sometime miss markers
      Bug 1181 - In Score, timelines, appended at markers, are also
      Bug 1230 - Pick fails on low precision color buffers
      Fix warnings in mesh tests
      Bug 1057 - cogl_texture_rectangle doesn't support backward
      Fixed some trivial compiler warnings
      Bug 1280 - clutter_score_append_at_marker lead to segmentation
      Bug 1269 - mingw32 building failed at clutter-media.c
      Bug 1271 - mingw compiling failed: undefined reference to
      Bug 1270 - Update to mingw-cross-compile.sh
      Add a wrapper library to help testing without NPOTs.
      Bug 1299 - clutter_score_remove will segmentation fault if
      Use a GArray for the texture vertices in cogl_texture_polygon
      Make cogl_texture_rectangle use the vertex array
      Add cogl_texture_multiple_rectangles
      Use cogl_texture_multiple_rectangles in CoglPangoRenderer
      Use GL_TRIANGLES for the texture vertex array
      Bug 1305 - NPOT textures unaligned to a pixel sometimes have
      Bug 1172 - Disjoint paths and clip to path
      Bug 1297 - Bring back support for GL_ARB_texture_rectangle
      Use the correct length in _cogl_texture_flush_vertices
      Merge commit 'git-svn' into multiple-texture-rectangle
      Bug 1252 - Merge ClutterBehaviourPath and ClutterBehaviourBspline
      Use glDrawRangeElements to share vertices
      Add gtk-doc for cogl_texture_multiple_rectangles
      Minor fix to indentation in gl/cogl-texture.c
      Support cogl_texture_multiple_rectangles in GL ES backend
      Merge commit 'git-svn' into multiple-texture-rectangle
      Use a single index array
      Bug 1323 - ClutterBehaviorDepth conflicts with other behaviors
      Merge commit 'git-svn' into multiple-texture-rectangle
      Add clutter_path_to_cairo_path and clutter_path_add_cairo_path
      Add a test case for the new cairo path functions
      Fix the definition of clutter_actor_set_scale to match the declaration
      Fix the gtk-doc for some properties in ClutterActor
      [test-paint-wrapper] Use a separate paint guard for each actor
      Convert clutter_path_get_position to take a gdouble instead of an alpha value
      Minor fix to documentation for clutter_actor_get_anchor_point
      [clutter-interval] Fix calculation of interval for unsigned types
      Fix calculation in clutter_cubic_bezier
      [test-scale] Add a label showing the gravity
      [cairo-texture] Remove the construct only restriction on surface size
      In clutter_alpha_set_mode, set priv->mode after setting the func
      Fix setting the mode on a ClutterAlpha created with animation_set_alpha(NULL)
      Fix some *_set functions so they work if the object is the same value
      Fix some animation_set_* functions so they cope if the value is the same
      Make libdisable-npots a bit more portable
      Fix off-by-one error in clutter_stage_read_pixels
      Add cogl-material.h and cogl-matrix.h to libclutterinclude_HEADERS
      [test-cogl-material] Remove return value from material_rectangle_paint
      [cogl-material] Make the user_tex_coords parameter of _rectangle const
      [cogl-material] Restore the GL_TEXTURE_ENV_MODE after material_rectangle
      Merge branch multiple-texture-rectangle into master
      Update gtk-doc 'Since' field for cogl_texture_multiple_rectangles
      Fix GLES 2 after the multiple-texture-rectangle branch merge
      [clutter-text] Don't allow control characters to be inserted
      [clutter-text] Fix offset_to_bytes to work when pos == 0
      [clutter-text] Fix x-position of cursor when moving up or down
      [ClutterStageX11] Remove the handling_configure flag
      [fixed-to-float-patches] Fix some of the matrix getters and setters
      [fixed-to-float.sh] Remove the mtx_transform patch from the script
      Fix GLES backends after merging the async-textures branch
      Merge branch 'master' into cogl-float
      [fixed-to-float-patches] Fix use of glClearColor and glColor under GLES 2
      [fixed-to-float-patches] Move the changes to gles2-wrapper.h into the patch
      [fixed-to-float.sh] Use float names for the GLES2 wrappers
      [fixed-to-float-patches] Merge the two patches to remove cogl fixed params
      [fixed-to-float-patches] Replace the cogl_color_*x functions with *f
      [fixed-to-float.sh] Group some of the sed expressions into one command
      [fixed-to-float.sh] Apply the automatic changes to the tests as well
      Fix some failures from the fixed-to-float script in cogl-texture
      [test-text] Use g_setenv instead of setenv
      Store when the anchor point is set from a gravity
      Add a conformance test for the anchor point
      Add a scale center property to ClutterActor
      [test-anchors] Add tests for the scale center
      Convert the rotation centers to be AnchorCoords
      [test-anchors] Add tests for the rotation centers
      Fix gtk-doc reference since the anchor point changes
      [clutter-timeline] Remove the code for backwards timelines in get_progress
      [test-cogl-primitives] Remove trailing whitespace
      Simplify test-cogl-primitives
      Fix the Cogl primitives for the GLES backend
      Set the SYNC_MATRICES flag when a stage is first realized
      Replace clutter_set_use_mipmapped_text with clutter_set_font_flags
      Listen for the font-changed signal on the backend in ClutterText
      Directly set backend font options in clutter_set_font_flags
      Fix building GLES after _cogl_texture_handle_from_pointer got removed
      Fix _cogl_texture_unsliced_quad when no texture coordinates are given
      Fix rectangles_with_multitexture_coords for sliced without tex coords
      [cogl-texture] Reset size of vertex log after drawing a polygon
      [text-backface-culling] Fix width/height parameters to cogl_rectangle
      [cogl-texture] Fix order of tex coords when compensating for waste
      [clutter-actor] Use G_STMT_START/END instead of do { } while (0)
      Merge branch 'scale-center'
      Undeprecate clutter_actor_set_scale_with_gravity
      [cogl] Add an NULL terminator to the call to material_flush_gl_state

Owen W. Taylor (4):
      Return something reasonable from clutter_x11_handle_event()
      Fix properties that have X11 types to be 'long'
      Change default tile-waste from 64 to 63
      Fix computation of camera distance

Robert Bragg (74):
      Bug 1162 - Re-works the tests/ to use the glib-2.16 unit testing
      Bug 1164 - Implements the proposed Mesh API
      Gets the mesh API working with GLES2
      A comparison of gl/cogl-texture.c and gles/cogl-texture.c, to reduce
      Bug 1303 - clutter_glx_texture_pixmap_using_extension doesn't check if
      Improves tfp performance on Nvidia
      [tests] Ensure that test-launcher.sh is found for out of tree builds
      [tests] Ensures that test-viewport.c is built
      [build] Replaces use of #include <cairo/cairo.h> with #include <cairo.h>
      [gitignore] Adds *.swn + *.swo (Vim files) & *.orig + *.reg (patch conflicts)
      [multi-texturing] This adds a new cogl_multi_texture API for GL,GLES1 + GLES2
      [tests] Adds an interactive unit test for multi-texturing
      Adds CoglMatrix utility code
      [doc] Hooks up cogl-matrix reference documentation
      Adds a CoglMaterial abstraction, which includes support for multi-texturing
      Updates previous GLES multi-texturing code to use CoglMaterial
      [doc] Hooks up cogl-material reference documentation
      First cut at a fixed point to floating point conversion script + patches
      White space clean up across a number of files (only removing trailing spaces)
      Merge branch 'master' into cogl-material
      [cogl-material] Converts clutter-texture/clutter-clone-texture to the material API
      [cogl-material] Some improvements for how we sync CoglMaterial state with OpenGL
      [cogl-material] Adds a cogl_material_set_color function
      [cogl-material] improvements for cogl_material_rectangle
      [clutter-alpha.c.0.patch] Normalizes sine values [0,1] before calculating alpha
      [fixed-to-float.sh] COGL_FIXED_FROM_INT wasn't casting to a float
      [test-depth] Use a gint for width, not guint, when calculating -width/2
      [test-clip] Use gint for hand_{width,height} when calulating -hand_* /2
      Replaces uses of CoglAngle with floats (Though the CoglAngle type remains)
      [clutter-alpha.c.0.patch] replace ClutterAngle with float
      fixes for clutter-behaviour-ellipse.c.0.patch
      Merge branch 'master' into cogl-float
      [ClutterGLXTexturePixmap] Use an RGB texture (not ARGB) for 24bpp pixmaps
      [fixed-to-float-patches] Updates the patches in line with the last merge
      converts clutter_{sin,cos,tan,atan}x angles to radians before calling math.h func
      [fixed-to-float.sh] Replace uses of COGL_FIXED_FROM_INT not followed by a space
      [cogl/gles] Fixes for building for GLES 1 using floats
      [cogl.h.in.0.patch] Fixes the cogl_rotatex prototype to take float x,y,z params
      [gl/cogl.c] Updates the cogl_rotatex prototype to take float x,y,z params
      Remove cogl_blahx Cogl interfaces that used to take CoglFixed parameters.
      Merge commit 'origin/master' into cogl-material
      [tests] Adds a flowery clutter_cairo_texture unit test
      [test-depth] cast width to gint when calculating -width/2
      [test-text] queue redraws instead of calling clutter_actor_paint directly
      Implements a generic ClutterActorClone that doesn't need fbos.
      Improves the unit test to verify more awkward scaling and some corresponding fixes
      Improves the git commit messages used by fixed-to-float.sh
      [Automatic fixed-to-float.sh change] Applies all scripted changes
      [Automatic fixed-to-float.sh change] Applies a number fixed to float patches
      [Automatic fixed-to-float.sh change] Hand coded changes for clutter-{fixed,units}
      Merge branch 'cogl-float'
      Removes the fixed-to-float scripts and patches
      Renames the mesh api to the "vertex buffer api".
      Merge commit 'origin/master' into cogl-material
      Fully integrates CoglMaterial throughout the rest of Cogl
      Removes cogl_blend_func and cogl_alpha_func
      Normalizes gl vs gles code in preperation for synching material changes
      Updates GLES1 support for CoglMaterial
      clutter-{clone-,}texture weren't updating their material opacity.
      Removes test-simple from tests/interactive/Makefile.am
      Merge branch 'cogl-material'
      Support scaling on the z axis with cogl_scale
      Adds padding to CoglColor to future proof it a bit
      Adds some debug code to _cogl_journal_flush_quad_batch
      Changes cogl_rectangle to take x1, y1, x2, y2 args not x1, y1, width, height
      Removes cogl_color_set_from_4d as it may mislead people.
      Another Cogl gl vs gles normalizaion pass
      Some updates for the 1.0 release notes regarding Cogl

Ross Burton (2):

Takao Fujiwara (1):
      Bug 1397 - Allow localizing the command line help

Thomas Wood (3):

Tomas Frydrych (5):

Øyvind Kolås (2):
      * clutter/clutter-main.c: amended typo in gtk-doc.
      Bug 1108 - Enter/Leave events logics wrt. skipped motion events

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