slgtk 0.7.4 released

Version 0.7.4 of the Gtk module for S-Lang is now available at

This release adds EXCLUDE filtering and a terminal-like interactive
prompt to the VWhere data mining tool, more accurate file saving in
imdisplay, compatibility with Gtk 2.14.7, and portability enhancements
for the FreeBSD package.  Pre-compiled binaries are available for
Mac OX (compatible with PPC 10.4 & 10.5, and Intel 10.4 & 10.5) and
32-bit x86 Linux.

Mike Noble


Version 0.7.4:
   .	Renamed PACKAGES macro in Makefiles, to avoid conflicts with
	FreeBSD build env (reported/fixd by Alexey Shuvaev)
   .	Established compatibility w/ Gtk 2.14.7, which introduced several
	functions with same names as wrappers SLgtk has provided for years
	i.e.  gtk_widget_get_window(), gtk_adjustment_get_upper() etc; SLgtk
	now provides these only for Gtk < 2.14 (reported by Alexey Shuvaev)
   .	Imdisplay 0.3.6:
	   - Ensure that saved files reflect size/orientation/etc of
	     final rendered image, not that of source image(s).
   .	Added OO-like connect()/disconnect()/block()/unblock() methods
	to GtkPlotDescriptor, for more elegant signal management
   .	VWhere 1.3.10:
	   - Upgrade SLang prompt field from a simple text entry widget
	     to the full gprompt terminal widget (described below).
	   - Region filters now support exclusion:  pressing the 'e' key
	     while creating a region (or after selecting one) marks it
	     with a slash so as to exclude the points it contains

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