gnome-games 2.25.5 released

gnome-games 2.25.5

The gnome-games team is proud to release another version with lots of nice
improvements. Many of the changes are under the hood but the users can look
forward to lower mem usage and a new game in aisleriot, possibility to add
network profiles in chess, and also undo support in chess. We hope you'll love
it :)




  - Move GThread and gettext initialisation into games_runtime_init() (Christian
  - Refactored card themes code (Christian Persch)
  - Change xml entities to utf-8 (Jason Clinton)
  - Fixed typoed XML files (Jason Clinton)
  - Allow ChangeLog from git-svn (Jason Clinton)
  - Distcheck and warning fixes (Thomas H.P. Andersen)
  - Add msg context to translations (Christian Persch)

  - Reduce memory usage in aisleriot/clutter by only caching the
    card textures and not the GdkPixbufs (Christian Persch)
  - Reduce graphics memory usage by drawing highlighted cards with
    a different colour instead of creating a separate texture for it (Christian
  - New game "Accordion" (by Ed Sirett in #526392)
  - Fix Treize in click-to-move mode (Christian Persch)

  - Add ability to resign AI vs. AI games (Robert Ancell)
  - Made GGZ config writable so dialogs can update it (Robert Ancell)
  - Added dialog to add new network profiles (Robert Ancell)
  - Added undo support (Robert Ancell)

 - de: Andre Klapper
 - el: Marios Zindilis
 - es: Jorge González
 - nb: Kjartan Maraas
 - sv: Daniel Nylander

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