gnome-applets 2.25.3

Changes in GNOME-Applets 2.25.3

*** NOTE ***

As promised in the last release, the mixer applet has been
removed. The gnome-media package now provides an equivalent.


CPU Frequency Applet:
 - Remove unecessary callbacks (Carlos Garcia Campos)

Invest Applet:
 - Allow fractional shares in the Amount field. This is useful for
   mutual funds (Callum McKenzie).

Mini Commander:
 - This is now buildable again (Matthias Clasen)

Trash Applet:
 - Scaling improvements to match other panel features (Ryan Lortie).
 - Don't generate WM_TRANSIENT_FOR the root window (Ryan Lortie).
 - Set the icon image directly (Ryan Lortie).


es, nb

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 - Callum

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