Gnome Games 2.25.4

This release brings the beginnings of an implementation of Clutter-based
Gnometris and a few minor tweaks to GLChess.

Gnometris renders with Clutter in an extremely rudamentary way, as a first
milestone on the way to a fully-canvas driven game engine. Right now, it's just
two ClutterCairo surfaces, background and foreground, which are used as
compositors. These two actors will end up staying: background for--eh--the
background, and foreground for display of Pango text. An intermediate layer will
be introduced on which game pieces are actually animated, rotated and exploded.

Sadly, even this stupid way of rendering is faster than the old method.

This pre-alpha 'leaks' memory like gang-busters, also. I do not know if it is
merely a i915 driver bug or something more fundamental. It's not a 'leak' in the
traditional sense: all the textures that are 'leaked' are still reachable in the
i915 driver code. It leaks on the order of 1MB of memory per frame of animation.
This will be fixed either by doing things the Right Way or mitigating i915 leaks
by avoiding the use of texture uploads at all costs (a tile cache).

Hopefully, the final rendering infrastructure will be in place by the next
development release.

  - Implement Clutter-based rendering surfaces (Jason D. Clinton)

  - Catch keyboard interrupts in AI monitor process
  - Apply antialias setting on new game (Robert Ancell, Bug #565743)
  - Ignore unexpected messages from the GGZ server (Robert Ancell, Bugs #559193,
  - Fix UI bug when players join a room (Robert Ancell)
  - Change GGZ language from hardcoded en_NZ.UTF-8 to use environment variable
    LANG (Robert Ancell, Bug #565402)
  - Describe reason for GGZ disconnection (Robert Ancell, Bug #564515)
  - Mark load game filters as translatable (Claude Paroz, Bug #565162)

  - nb: Kjartan Maraas
  - es: Daniel Mustieles
  - fr: Claude Paroz
  - el: Evgenia Petoumenou, Marios Zintilis
  - de: Mario Blättermann

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