Anjuta 2.25.4 released


The anjuta team is proud to announce the release of Anjuta 2.25.4! Some
more info on the release can be found at

Anjuta 2.25.4 (5 January 2009) -- Johannes Schmid

Translations updates:
es, fr, sv, fi, he, ru, pt_BR, pl

- Symbol-db plugin now default and working, old ctags code and
- Starter plugin for fast access to common actions
- Remote debugging support using gdbserver
- New bookmark interface
- gnome-build merge into anjuta

- Single toolbar without bonobo
- Devhelp plugin uses webkit now
- Lots of HIG fixes
- Improved searching
- Scintilla updated to 1.77

Special thanks to (in no particular order, before the huge list of bugs
- Sébastien Granjoux (for general bug fixing, merging gnome-build and
being totally awesome)
- Massimo Cora' (for doing the great work on the symbol-db plugin)
- Naba Kumar (for giving lots of input on design decisions)
- James Liggett (for the work on the version control plugins)
- Adam Dingle (for many patches and lots of QA in bugzilla)
- Jens Georg (for the GNOME-VFS porting)
- Carl-Anton Ingmarsson (for various great patches)
- Ignacio Casal Quinteiro (for updating devhelp to webkit and the new
starter plugin)
- All translators and people I possibly missed here

Bugs fixed:
#565885 – Search is broken for a single file with output to find pane 
#565714 – use F11 shortcut for Full Screen
#511589 – Anjuta uses GNOME-VFS (partly)
#305515 – Bookmarks are not remembered across sessions
#566284 – search-view should match more
#566225 – activating selected row in search view does nothing
#564302 – "Loaded Project..." is confusing
#566129 – crash when project opening and file not found
#565773 – symbol scanning is very slow
#529181 – refresh dialog pops over all windows
#563988 - Zoom factor is not updated correctly in scintilla
#565769 – symbol-db blocks anjuta when files are removed
#565890 – cleanup thread handling by using a GThreadPool
#565823 – symbol-db hardcodes /usr/include for header files
#545127 – When searching down can't see below search result
#565278 – remove Next Occurrence and Previous Occurrence commands
#565014 – sort Find in Files output by filename
#564891 – Crash when closing editor window
#565691 – no Goto Definition command in symbol-db
#565701 – Anjuta hangs if ctags not installed
#565578 – Next Document command does not cycle back to first document
#565650 – Port anjuta-session from gnome-config to GKeyfile
#565706 – trailing period in symbol-db labels
#565700 – Enter key inserts garbage into Symbols / Search box
#565492 – remove usage of std i/o
#560857 – Remove deprecated GLib symbols in project wizard
#565381 – Anjuta manual needs copy editing
#564987 – Save All, Close All should appear in Documents menu
#565002 – Redo shortcut should be Ctrl+Shift+Z
#565016 – Previous History and Next History should have shortcuts
#563585 – Find in Files is extremely slow
#565189 – anjuta fails to build due to IAnjutaBookmark not being
	removed from documentation
#564673 – I cannot activate sourceview plugin over scintilla
#563889 – GNOME Goal: Clean up GLib and GTK+ includes
#563980 - displayed some more info on search tab
#309664 - Some file types impossible to open In Anjuta
#563490 – Select Code Block command selects nothing in GtkSourceView
#559806 – Anjuta crashes when closing unsaved file
#563988 – don't display zoom factor when using GtkSourceView editor
#564295 - minor English fix
#563500 – inconsistent case sensitivity defaults
#564377: Avoid opening an empty buffer when file does not exist
#562808 – symbol-db crashes with latest libgda
#560857: Remove use of g_mem_chunk in tools plugin
#513156: Get rid of libgnome(ui) (partial)
#563692: added a toolbar with build and execute buttons
#563696 – garbage pixels appear in build output
#563685 crash when trying to create a GObject
#563753 default project directory is "/" until I set it explicitly
#563586 Crash if project TODO.tasks is not readable
#559951: Class Generator cannot add new class
#563530: "Do not show binary files" should add ".pyc" and ".pyo"
#552081: Dependent plugins are not added in the preference dialog
#560284: Crash when deleting a folder outside Anjuta
#562623: Project creation fails if path uses a tilde
#562754: Create corresponding header file does not work
#548873: File->Close project menu remains active after closing
	a project
#562750 – The view should be showed when you search something.
#558910: libanjuta has several warnings
#560311 – Update devhelp plugin to use webkit version
#557767 – Open file in file tree view on press Enter
#312660 – Too many click to set "terminus" font
#561369: Debug->add source path menu item doesn't work
#558788 – Improving debugging
#559800 - Missing debugger menu
#558315 – Ambiguous message
#544583 Add support for gnome applet projects
#556147 Provide valid default directory for project
#552996 - New file dialog misses BSD licence
#545668 - new file are not added correctly to the project
#545668 – file's icon not correctly updated on tabs-right-click
#556053 – closing file tabs disable 'save button'
#556053 – closing file tabs disable 'save button'
#523609 – PATCH: Using a deprecated func in about.c
#554337 Allow to change build directory to project directory
#554337 Set uri instead of current_folder_uri
#554684 – Cursor column number is not updated when typing text
#554337 could not find glade file while executing a program


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