GNOME Power Manager 2.25.91

GNOME Power Manager is a session daemon that makes it easy to manage the
power on your laptop or desktop system.

This release is for the GNOME 2.25.91 beta release, and fixes many bugs
with 2.25.3:

- Fixed #545886, Hard-to-distinguish charge levels for charging icons (Lapo Calamandrei)
- Fixed #568756, Install the autostart file in the xdg directory (Richard Hughes)
- Fixed #570242, Add some translator comments to the new stats interface (Richard Hughes)
- Fixed #570254, Used new icons in 16, 22, and 24 sizes in on-shelf perspective (Andreas Nilsson)
- Fixed problem where the icon would not show on startup or when the notification try was reloaded (Richard Hughes)
- Start in the GNOME Panel phase, not the GNOME Applications phase so we work with the fast user switch applet (Richard Hughes)
- Don't show the discharging icon when the status is unknown (Richard Hughes)
- Remove translatable flag from gtk-refresh stock button (Gabor Kelemen)
- Ask for edge triggers on system idle time, not level triggers (Adam Jackson)
- Add a configure option for --enable-legacy-buttons to support HAL and Xorg keys. By default we are now only supporting Xorg events (Richard Hughes)
- Fix compile failure with gcc-4.4.0 and old versions of glib2 (Richard Hughes)

- Updated ast: Gil Forcada, Astur
- Updated es: Jorge González, Jorge Gonzalez
- Updated gu: Sweta Kothari
- Updated hu: Gabor Kelemen
- Updated nb: Kjartan Maraas
- Updated te: Krishnababu K, Krishna Babu K
- Updated vi: Clytie Siddall
- Updated zh_HK: Chao-Hsiung Liao
- Updated zh_TW: Chao-Hsiung Liao

Help Manual Translations:
- Updated de: Mario Blättermann
- Updated sv: Daniel Nylander


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