Quick Lounge Applet 2.13.1

The Quick-Lounge Applet 2.13.1 is now available for download at:


6377fdeb961c016ef999c6bf5b47a8bb quick-lounge-applet-2.13.1.tar.bz2
4b1adc059093a04b2dbaf3d7ea947be3 quick-lounge-applet-2.13.1.tar.gz

This is the first development release that will lead up to Quick-Lounge 2.14

About Quick-Lounge

The Quick Lounge Applet is an applet for the GNOME Panel. Applets are little applications embedded in the Panel.

With this applet you can organize your preferred applications in a single place.

You can add separators between applications, they can be used to group together applications with similar tasks.

When the applet size exceeds the available space a menu containing the remaining launchers is created. The menu can be accessed pressing the arrow button located at the end of the applet.

This program is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Overview of changes between 2.12.5 and 2.13.1

New features and user visible changes:

* Removed the animation when launching the application.
* Support launching apps by dropping files on them (#171739).
* Use the default panel launcher icon, if the icon is missing.
* Allow to specify the number of rows (columns) explicitly. Patch by
Jared Warren (#161444).
* Re-designed the "choose application from menu" dialog.
* Replaced the old launcher dialog with a dialog similar to the one
used by gnome-panel.
* Migrated the documentation to gnome-doc-utils.
* Ported to gio.
* Removed the libglade dependency.

Bugs fixed:

* #532174: Odd behaviour when changing the order of the icons.
* #559584: does not build on GNOME 2.25 Patch by Migi.
* #551786: applet still uses deprecated gnome-stock-about icon
instead of gtk-about. Patch by Pacho Ramos.

New or updated application translations:

* Aviary.pl (Piotr Drąg)
* Dansk Gruppen (Kris Hansen)
* German (Mario Blättermann)
* Italian (Paolo Bacchilega)
* Swedish (Daniel Nylander)

New or updated manual translations:

* French (Claude Paroz)

5 February 2009,

Paolo Bacchilega

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