libcroco 0.6.2 released

libcroco 0.6.2

Libcroco is a standalone css2 parsing and manipulation library.
The parser provides a low level event driven SAC like api and a css
object model like api.


1429c597aa4b75fc610ab3a542c99209  libcroco-0.6.2.tar.bz2
0611e099e807210cf738dcb41425d104  libcroco-0.6.2.tar.gz

Overview of Changes

    Bugfixes since 0.6.1

    - #306823: improve precision of non-integer numbers [Peter Moulder]
    - #148790, #333834: Cygwin fixes
    - #340298: Documentation fixes [Peter Moulder]
    - #375194: fix to builtin color processing [Dom Lachowicz]
    - #380438: Leak and trace message in cr_token_clear [Mark Rogers]
    - #381040: floating numbers always output to exactly 3 digits after
               decimal points [Dom Lachowicz]
    - #336621: cr_tknzr_get_next_token wasn't handling "<!--" correctly
    - #372011: comments not parsed correctly [Benjamin Dauvergne]
    - #394680: problem parsing function name starting with 'u' or 'r'
               [Benjamin Dauvergne]
    - #139878: keep end of ruleset parsing location, and give it to the
               end_selector sac-handler. [Benjamin Dauvergne]
    - #394294: Escape are wrongly computed [Benjamin Dauvergne]
    - #314831: Escapes not recognized [Benjamin Dauvergne]
    - #395099: overly agressive rule matching [Bruno Haible]
    - #553937: CRDocHandler instances created with reference count of 0
               [Robert Staudinger]

    - Various fixes to the font handling [Bruno Haible]
    - Add ‘const’ to various function prototypes [Peter Moulder]

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