Brasero 2.29.4 release

Hi i'm proud to announce Brasero 2.29.4 Release

Bugs Fixed:
- Fix #602872 - User is unable to fast-forward neither rewing sound
- Fix #588406 - Allow user to zoom in/out in media previewer with mouse
- Fix for #603605 - .checksum.md5 ("file integrity check" plugin) broken
using "Increase compatibility with Windows"
- Fix #558440 - Convert from audio project to data project
- Fix #598924 - Brasero wouldn't let me rename files by pasting the new
- A potential fix for #590648 - Text in cover editor does not show up
- Fix #581532 - Image Burning Setup dialog needs counter (second part)
- Fix #602888 - The files on new directory on Brasero project isn't
saved correctly.
- Fix #603871 - [Audio project] Song order inverted when moving songs up
in the tracklist
- Fix (or rather workaround) #568358 - Not accessibe error dialog in
print preview
- Fixed memleaks
- Fixes for Video DVD
- Updated translations

NOTE: You need gtk-doc >=1.12 in order to build gobject-introspection


Please report bugs to:

Mailing List for User and Developer discussion: brasero-list gnome org

GIT Repository:

Thanks to all the people who contributed to this release through
patches, translation, advices, artwork, bug reports.

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