Tumblefile 1.2 released


Version 1.2 of Tumblefile, an automatic, chronological file organizer
for GNOME Linux is ready for download:


What does it do

Every five minutes Tumblefile copies all files on your Desktop to a
folder such as ~/Documents/2009-07-July/25-Saturday, prepending a
timestamp (like 20090727.1645) to the filename. Meanwhile its little
window sits in the system tray. It is a way to automatically keep your
Desktop cleared and files organized.

What is new

 * Application sets itself up to run automatically on desktop startup,
   accepts -m option to run minimized.

 * New application icon.

 * Available in following translations:

     * Danish (Joe Hansen)
     * German and Low German (Nils-Christoph Fiedler)
     * Brazilian Portuguese (Djavan Fagundes)
     * Swedish (Daniel Nylander)

 * Replaced use of some deprecated functions in code, which can cause
   build problems with recent versions of gtkmm.

Project home

The project is hosted on:

Happy holidays,

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