GNOME Games 2.29.4

Maemo 5 porting work and a handful of bugs fixed.

Anita Mencigar (2):
      Updated Slovenian translation

Branko Kokanović (2):
      Added Serbian translation

Christian Persch (8):
      aisleriot: Set freecell-mode on window construction
      aisleriot: Move game selection to ArGameChooser
      aisleriot: maemo5: Make the game chooser a stackable window
      aisleriot: Only set content area border on non-maemo5
      libgames-support: Drop SDL-mixer sound support
      aisleriot: Refactor AisleriotBoard
      aisleriot: Mask uncommon modifiers on button press modifiers check

Daniel Mustieles (1):
      updated Spanish translation

Emilio Pozuelo Monfort (1):
      gnobots: Fix build on Hurd (Bug #603909)

Javier Jardón (4):
      gnibbles: Fix GSEAL issues
      minefield: Fix GSEAL issues
      GSEAL: fixes for GTK_WIDGET flags
      Remove deprecated GTK+ symbol: gdk_pixbuf_unref()

Jorge González (1):
      Updated Spanish translation, partially fixes bug #604714

Kjartan Maraas (1):
      Updated Norwegian bokmål translation.

Liel Fridman (1):
      Updated Hebrew translation

Lucian Grijincu (1):
      Updated Romanian translation

Matej Urbančič (2):
      Updated Slovenian translation
      Added sl for Slovenian translation

Milo Casagrande (1):
      Updated Italian translation:

Miloš Popović (1):
      Fixed broken distcheck

Og B. Maciel (1):
      Fixed translation bug

Robert Ancell (5):
      Rename icons gnometris->quadrapassel samegnome->swell-foop (Bug #603577)
      Get tile size from theme (Bug #543387)
      Translate save game dialog filter
      Reduce size of Tali window by:
      Fix polish mistranslation PGN->PNG

Thomas Hindoe Paaboel Andersen (5):
      aisleriot: Fix typo
      iagno: Update prototype to match change in function
      Add new file to POTFILES
      Use correct signature for expose-event callbacks

Tim Horton (1):
      lightsoff, swell-foop: Change .desktop category to fdo-standard LogicGame, not PuzzleGame

Tom Parker (2):
      gconf_client.get will sometimes return None (bgo #590974)
      sudoku: If no new puzzle number out of gconf, assume all is ok (Bug #590974)

Vincent Untz (1):
      build: fix LSB_* defines to be correctly quoted

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