ANNOUNCEMENT: libgnome-keyring 2.29.4

libgnome-keyring is a library for storing passwords and secrets. It
works together with gnome-keyring.

This is an unstable release for testing and development.

Important Notes:

    * libgnome-keyring is no longer bundled with gnome-keyring. It is
      distributed separately.

    * gnome-keyring-daemon no longer supports the old protocol
      for accessing secrets or passwords. A new DBus API called
      'Secret Service' is implemented. The new libgnome-keyring
      abstracts this change in a mostly transparent way.

    * This release only works with the 2.29.4 release of gnome-keyring.
      It does not support older gnome-keyring releases.


    * This is the initial release.


Source code:
[MD5 sum: e1494c9d633197d5051d7c4aa28f5972]

Stef Walter

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