[ANNOUNCE] libgweather 2.29.4

libgweather 2.29.4 is now available for downloading at
c6e4a7e8db432bef6d4b11b0ca658b83830fada1  libgweather-2.29.4.tar.bz2
89c5eea857d3ad2867d551654e5305edbb3ebd5f  libgweather-2.29.4.tar.gz
What's new:
    * Phase-of-moon support, icons (564598, 569298)
    * Improved sunrise/sunset calculations
    * Unwind change that limited each city to one location
    * Add entries missing from data/major-cities.txt
    * Remove, check for obsolete tzdata identifiers
    * Fix 'radar' spelling
    * Various updates and fixes to Locations.xml.in
    * Updated translations: br ca da de en shaw es id is nds nl ru sv

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