gnome-system-tools 2.29.1 released

GNOME System Tools Version 2.29.1, 2009-11-30

  - Enable Automake silent rules by default, and compiler warnings
  - Remove call to deprecated gdk_event_get_graphics_expose() (thanks to
Andre Klapper)

  - Complete rework of the user interface: settings are now shown in the
main dialog, with separate dialogs to edit them. Unlock button is gone,
replaced with on-the-fly authentication request when applying changes.
  - Login proposals are now shown when creating an user, with live
checking of forbidden characters, and transliteration from Unicode where
  - Fix empty shells combo box
  - Fix GID wrongly set to 0 in group settings dialog, which could lead
to adding users to the root group
  - Add privilege groups from Debian (Sam Morris)
  - Always show system groups: "showall" GConf option is now only for
users, because system groups are the most interesting ones

  - Don't check for Nautilus dependencies when not building it (Emilio
Pozuelo Monfort)

  - Remove obsolete time servers, which generated log error messages
from ntpd (thanks to MechaMechanism)

  - Never reset script boot priority to a default of 50, but use
previous value.
  - Add landscape-client to the list of known services.

  - Bring back PPP connection type combo box, which was empty since the
migration to GtkBuilder

  - ar, courtesy of Khaled Hosny
  - br, courtesy of denis
  - ca, courtesy of Josep Puigdemont i Casamajó
  - cs, courtesy of Jiri Eischmann
  - da, courtesy of Kenneth Nielsen
  - de, courtesy of Christian Kirbach
  - el, courtesy of Kostas Papadimas
  - en_GB, courtesy of Philip Withnall
  - en shaw, courtesy of Thomas Thurman
  - es, courtesy of Jorge González
  - et, courtesy of Ivar Smolin
  - fi, courtesy of Tommi Vainikainen
  - hu, courtesy of Gabor Kelemen
  - it, courtesy of Gianvito Cavasoli
  - mai, courtesy of Sangeeta Kumari
  - mr, courtesy of Sandeep Shedmake
  - nb, courtesy of Kjartan Maraas
  - nds, courtesy of Nils-Christoph Fiedler
  - pl, courtesy of Tomasz Dominikowski
  - pt_BR, courtesy of André Gondim
  - pt, courtesy of Duarte Loreto
  - ro, courtesy of Adi Roiban
  - sl, courtesy of Matej Urbančič
  - sv, courtesy of Daniel Nylander
  - ta, courtesy of Dr.T.Vasudevan
  - te, courtesy of Krishna Babu K
  - uk, courtesy of Maxim Dziumanenko
  - zh_CN, courtesy of Tao Wei
  - zh_HK, courtesy of Chao-Hsiung Liao
  - zh_TW, courtesy of Chao-Hsiung Liao

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