ANNOUNCE: at-spi 1.27.91

* What is at-spi?

at-spi (assistive technology service provider interface) is the primary
assistive technology infrastructure for the Solaris and Linux
operating environments.  Applications and toolkits supporting the
AT-SPI include the GNOME GTK+ toolkit, the Java platform's Swing
toolkit, OpenOffice, and Mozilla.

* What's changed for at-spi 1.27.91?

Bug fix: 
#489828 - Provide ability to get character attributes at "insertion point"
#584467 - Crash if atk_document_get_attributes returns NULL.
#578334 - Make registryd session friendly.
Translations update: Kannada, Gujarati, Spanish, Estonian, Swedish, Portuguese,
Thai, Low German, Irish, Catalan, Greek, Arabic.

* Where can I get it?

Source code:


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