Lasem 0.1.2 released


Lasem 0.1.2 "Mask! Clip! Markers!" is now available.

Lasem is a library for rendering SVG and Mathml, implementing a DOM like
API. It's based on GObject and use Pango and Cairo for the rendering.
Included in the package, there is a simple application, lasemrender,
which is able to convert a Mathml, a latex math or a SVG file to either
a PNG, PDF or SVG image.

Here's the changes since the last release:

      * [SVG] Add mask support ;
      * [SVG] Add clip support ;
      * [SVG] Add marker support ;
      * [SVG] Improve performance of group opacity handling ;
      * [SVG] Load external images, not just the embedded ones ;
      * [SVG] Fix pattern rendering when using object bouding box ;
      * [All] Rework of the property code, using lists (only SVG for
        now) ;
      * [All] Use AM_SILENT_RULES ;
      * [All] Plug memory leaks.

Lasem 0.1.2 is available for download at:

Development happens in a git repository hosted on the GNOME servers:

There's even a bugzilla product:

And from time to time, I blog about Lasem:

        Emmanuel Pacaud.

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