Nemiver release 0.7.1 now available

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This release features some translations updates and general bugfixes. With
this version, Nemiver should function decently with the GDB/Archer branch.

As usual if you encounter any issue or have some wishes about important
features that are lacking, we would be happy to hear from you at

Please find below the classical part of the announce.

What is Nemiver ?

Nemiver is a standalone graphical debugger that integrates well in the
GNOME desktop environment.
It currently features a backend which uses the GNU debugger GDB for
debugging C/C++ programs.

Where to get it ?

This release is available as a source package in tar.gz and tar.bz2 formats
and can be downloaded from:

The home page of the Nemiver project is at

What's Changed in this release?

Dodji Seketeli
      Support multiple address breakpoints (Closes: #587697)
      Support original-location in breakpoints (Closes: #588256)
      Support restarting when GDB dies (Closes: #588313)
      Don't fall appart when gconfd is down
      Keep default conf values when gconf is down
      Fix variable popup tip size issues
      Var popup tip shouldn't be too small by default
      Support "text besides icons" visual setting

Mario Blättermann
      Updated German translation
      Added German doc translation

Takeshi AIHANA
      Updated Japanese translation.

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Dodji Seketeli
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