Glade 3.6.2 Released

Morning hackers,
   Here is the second bugfix release on the 3.6 series which
just missed GNOME 2.26.1 but still has some important bug fixes...

    - Tristan

What is Glade ?
Glade is a RAD tool to enable quick & easy development of user
interfaces for the GTK+ toolkit and the GNOME desktop environment.
The user interfaces designed in Glade are stored in an XML format
which is understood natively by GTK+, also enabling easy
integration with external tools.

Glade 3.6.2
	- Fixed missing properties/attributes when serializing GtkWindows (bug 578211)
	- Fixed loading state of cellrenderer attributes (whether to use
attribute or property
	  directly, bug 566928).

New and updated translations
	- Goran Rakic (sr, sr latin)
	- Jorge Gonzalez (es)

Where can I get it ?

For more information consult our home page at

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