gnome-applets 2.22.2

I am pleased to announce the belated arrival of gnome-applets 2.22.2.
This is the latest release in the stable 2.22 series. The reason for the
tardiness of this release is alluded to in the codename.

It can be found at:

The ChangeLog follows.

 - Callum

Changes in GNOME-Applets 2.22.2
Codename: "Anya Made Me Do It"

Changes since 2.22.1:

- Fix the launching of the gnome-keyboard-properties dialog from the
  access applet.

Documentation: - pt_BR translation of the stickynotes and multiload docs.
	       - fi translation of the stickynotes, multiload, trashapplet, 
                 mixer and gweather docs.

Translation updates: bg, hu

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