Announce: Anjuta DevStudio 2.4.2 released

Hi all,

Anjuta team proudly announces the release of Anjuta DevStudio 2.4.2. It
is a bug fix release of 'Tornado' series 2.4.x. This release is for
GNOME 2.22.2 release due in coming days and contains mentioned bugfixes.

Thanks for this release to (alphabetically):

basti  <pee_ _hiddenbox de>
Johannes Schmid <jhs_ _gnome org>
Pavel Kostyuchenko
Sébastien Granjoux  <seb sfo_ _free fr>

and on Localizations:

Yair Hershkovitz  <yairhr_ _gmail com>
Leonardo Ferreira Fontenelle  <leonardof_ _gnome org>
Jorge Gonzalez  <jorgegonz_ _svn gnome org>
Gil Forcada  <gforcada_ _gnome org>

Notes to builders/packagers:

To take full advantage of Anjuta features, build for all plugins
enabled, except 'symbol-db' plugin which is currently not ready
(disabled by default).

Thanks and happy coding!

- Anjuta Team

Anjuta DevStudio

Anjuta DevStudio is a versatile Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
for GNOME desktop. It features a number of advanced programming
facilities that include project management, application wizards, an
on-board interactive debugger, integrated glade UI designer, integrated
devhelp API help, integrated valgrind memory profiler, integrated gprof
performance profiler, class generator, powerful source editor, source
browsing and many more.



Translation updates: he, pt_BR, es, ca

* Fixed bug #440637: Make searching utf-8 aware
* Fixed bug #528705: There is no Redo (from trunk)
* Fixed bug #528693: Ctrl-F (Find) followed by Ctrl-V (Paste) pastes
into main window
* Fixed bug #531623: Crash on updating non-existing watch
* Fixed bug #532243: Execute Program with whitespace in the project path
* Fixed bug #531940: Can't change the default project directory
* Fixed bug #533346: Create project in path with spaces fails
* Fixed bug #532625: Wrong consecution of functions calls when opening a
glade file
* Fixed bug #533758: django project creation fails
* Fixed bug: crash when changing a watch while debugger is stopped
* Fixed bug #532537: Crash on closing Anjuta Preferences when it open

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