nemiver release 0.5.3 now available


This is mostly a bug fix release that also features a port to FreeBSD. Yay !

Please find below the real bits of the release. Enjoy!

What is it?
nemiver is a standalone graphical debugger that integrates well in the
GNOME desktop environment.
It currently features a backend which uses the GNU debugger gdb for
debugging C/C++ programs.

Where to get it?
This release is available as a source package in tar.gz format
and can be downloaded from:

The home page of the Nemiver project is at

What's Changed?


[Dodji Seketeli]

    * #526696 – Detach from the running program" not properly unsensitived
    * #526866 – breakpoint parsing failures
    * #526826 – missing dependency in .pc file
    * #527696 – nemiver --help only shows libgnome related help messages
    * #526863 – Parsing error leaves nemiver in unusable state
    * #527796 – remove libgnome dependency
    * #482806 – Debugger state and Menu item sensitivity problems
    * #534619 – Once detached of a program, you're not sure you're
really disconnected
    * add -Wl,--as-needed link flag for DSOs

[Jonathon Jongsma]

    * properly set memory editor sensitivity when debugger is running

[Luca Bruno]

    * remove obsolete fields from nemiver.desktop file

New ports

[Romain Tartière]

    * Port nemiver to FreeBSD.


Dodji Seketeli

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