ANNOUNCE: Banshee 1.0 Beta 2 (0.99.2) Released!


We've released Banshee 1.0 Beta 2 (0.99.2), a bit over two weeks after
1.0 Beta 1 release.  It brings some great new features and lots of bug
fixes and performance improvements.

New in this release:

* Podcast extension
* CD Burning
* Auto Rip feature
* Over 28 bugs fixed since the last release

Remember, Banshee 1.0 beta releases can be safely installed and used in
parallel with older Banshee releases, so there should be nothing
stopping you from giving it a try!

Release notes with screenshots, ChangeLog, and updated list of deps:

Download the source code:
sha1sum: 8de316f88717e405e4bb37d3c49cd452623fd923

And the official blog announcement:



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