slgtk 0.7.3 released


Version 0.7.3 of SLgtk is now available at

This is a minor bugfix release.


The SLgtk package binds the Gtk2 and GtkExtra widget sets to the S-Lang
scripting language (  SLgtk wraps almost 2200 functions
from Gtk2 and its constituent libraries, includes over 4000 lines of
sample code in 40+ working guilets, and bundles a code generator (SLIRP)
which can be useful for building additional S-Lang modules.

SLgtk also includes a visual version of the powerful S-Lang "where"
command, extensions to and performance enhancements for several GtkExtra
widgets, a pixbuf loader for the FITS image file format widely used
within astronomy, and a lightweight image display and compositing tool.


-Michael S. Noble

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