ANNOUNCE: gnome-main-menu 0.9.10 release

This email is to announce gnome-main-menu version 0.9.10

  Released: 2008-05-13

  * Features / Fixes
    - Startup performance improvements (Federico Mena Quintero, Magnus
    - Update to NetworkManager 0.7 (Scott Reeves)
    - Update to match NM 0.7 API changes (Federico Mena Quintero,
Tambet Ingo, Scott Reeves)
    - Better network notification and status handling (Magnus Boman)
    - Use banshee-1 in main-menu (Scott Reeves)
    - New document templates (Scott Reeves)
    - Fix crash when 2 main-menu applets (Federico Mena Quintero)
    - Fix missing translations.
    - Makefile work (Rodrigo Moya)
    - Dont display Name and GenericName if they are the same (Federico
Mena Quintero, Magnus Boman)

What is it ?

  The gnome-main-menu consists mainly of three utilities.  A
gnome-panel applet
  that is the main interface providing access to your favorite and
  used applications, documents and places. Also access to system status
  common actions such as searching and logout / shutdown.

  Access to other applications is made via the application-browser –
  interactive searching of the entire list of your applications,
ordered for
  display by their menu categories.

  These higher level components as well as the shell in the
  all use the common pieces provided by the libslab library

Download from:


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