Gnome Scan 0.6


Gnome Scan aim to provide a sane scan infrastructure. Flegita provide
app and plugin on top of Gnome Scan for the desktop.

Changes in version 0.6

      * Fix bug #519405, don't use translatable option group for
        internal  groups hidden and preview. 
      * Swallow some epson specific high-level option redundant with
        GSane  high-level meta-param.

Thanks to all translators of this version :

      * David Lodge (en_GB) 
      * Jorge González (es) 
      * Ilkka Tuohela (fi) 
      * Étienne Bersac (fr) 
      * Tomasz Dominikowski (pl) 
      * António Lima (pt) (NEW!) 
      * Daniel Nylander (sv)

Get it at !
Stay tuned with !
Report bugs at 

E Ultreïa !

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