GnuCash 2.2.6 Released

      GnuCash 2.2.6 released

The GnuCash development team proudly announces GnuCash 2.2.6 aka
"Stay Home v3", the sixth bug fix release in a series of stable releases
of the GnuCash Free Accounting Software.

      Getting GnuCash

GnuCash 2.2.6 can be downloaded from or
It is available as source code.  For the Microsoft Windows operating
system there is a self-installing setup program which includes all
necessary additional libraries.

To install GnuCash on other platforms, users will need Gnome 2, guile,
and slib.  Neither the currently used swig nor the previously used
g-wrap packages are needed anymore when compiling from tarball or when
installing a binary.

     (Source code and Windows binary)
     (Source code only)

7ac08c5e2076c9b4d44c785d21bc1a2f  gnucash-2.2.6.tar.gz
1dea48e0705759a3e60a8c2e1018e27b  gnucash-2.2.6.tar.bz2
5c9353c4b2ecd4669d2783cb81af0a8e  gnucash-2.2.6-setup.exe

      What's New in GnuCash 2.2.6?

Fixed Bugs
  * #129099: Register: Optionally show leaf names instead of full names
  * #144669: Register: Shortcut to filter accounts by account number
  * #313660: QIF Import: Can't stop progress on long importing process
  * #336192: QIF Import: Allow new namespaces when defining new
  * #353880: Reports: Options dialog violates HIG, add borders.
  * #309359: QIF Import: "unknown Action '..'" shown many times
  * #452354: Average Balance Report: Translate account type option names
  * #454305: Trial Balance Report: Wrong after negative Stock Split
  * #460721: Balance Sheet: Should have a "value at cost" option
  * #463320: Trial Balance Report: Does not add up correctly
  * #470656: Preferences, Win32: Crash when setting accounting period
  * #475980: QIF Import: Forward and Back don't follow same path
  * #489502: Register: Account autocompletion ignores new separator
             until restart
  * #501490: Balance Sheet: Incorrect in presence of stock sale
  * #502646: Win32: Crash entering dates before 1/1/1970 in dialogs
  * #506499: Win32: Crash after online banking transfer
  * #512991: Invoices: Do not allow posting to placeholder accounts
  * #514210: QIF Import: Allow multiple selections for account mapping
  * #515163: QIF Import: Eliminate pointless mappings
  * #521403: Reports: One more option in "Price Source" in Stock Value
  * #526883: Transaction Report: Question marks instead of month in
             cyrillic locale
  * #528835: Crash when creating SKR04 accounts with German locale
  * #530924: Customer Report: Honor the used column list
  * #531662: Budget report: Crash on #f in budget->guid
  * #532405: Win32: Guile crashes on strftime formats containing %e
  * #535407: QIF Import: Crash on invalid or unsupported date format
  * #538800: Balance Sheet: Gives wrong results
  * #539654: Reports: html-table-append-column! in html-table.scm
  * #539829: Build Process: qofsession.c compile warning
  * #540207: Reports: Show a table of data beneath barcharts
  * #542472: Reports: Period does not default to Accounting Period
  * #542967: Reports: Options dialog title shows GUID

Other changes
  * New Hebrew translation
  * Add support for aqbanking3
  * Correct quickfill directions in transfer dialogs
  * Add QIF importer support for importing to A/R and A/P account types
  * QIF importer loading speedup and visual feedback, further
  * Avoid crashing if a report's option generating procedure causes a
    Scheme exception
  * Make the new option Average Cost the default for several reports
  * Make weighted average price source computations ignore zero amount
  * Support calculation of unrealized gains/losses on liabilities in
    balance sheet
  * Allow creating new accounts from the general ledger
  * Fix some compiler warnings, minor build system improvements
  * Update translations: Catalan, German, Russian, Traditional Chinese

      Many thanks go to

Charles Day
Christian Stimming
Christoph Ernst
David Planella
David Reiser
Derek Atkins
Joachim Herb
Kuang-che Wu (吳光哲)
Micha Lenk
Nathan Buchanan
Ori Hoch
Robert Stocks
Rolf Leggewie
Sergey Belyashov (Сергей Беляшов)

      How can You help?

* We would like to encourage people to test this and any further
    releases as much as possible and submit bug reports in order that we
    can continuously polish GnuCash to be as stable as possible.  Simply
    post any bugs you find to bugzilla

* If you have the urge to help beyond testing please get involved in the
    discussions on the GnuCash mailing lists which you will find at  We especially need people to help with
    updating the documentation.  Please see on how to get involved.

* Translating: The GnuCash 2.2.0 release came with some new translation
    strings.  If you consider contributing a translation, we invite you
    to work with the translation template in this package.  Our
    development is in String Freeze now, so you can safely work on our
    translation.  Please check for updates on this.

      About the Program

GnuCash is a free, open source accounting program released under the GNU
General Public License (GPL) and available for GNU/Linux, *BSD, Solaris,
Mac OSX and Microsoft Windows.  Programming on GnuCash began in 1997,
and its first stable release was in 1998.

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