ANNOUNCE: Gcalctool 5.23.5

The GCalctool team is proud to announce the fifth release in the
unstable GNOME series.

This release contains a fix for a regression in the factorial
operation, updated translations and code tidy ups.

The full list of changes is:
* Fix regression in factorial operation (Klaus Niederkrueger)
* Made trigonometric button text translatable (Yuri Penkin, Bug #540196)
* More work tidying up MP code (Klaus Niederkrueger, Robert Ancell, Bug #524091)
* Updated Japanese documentation to gnome-doc-utils (Claude Paroz,
Takeshi Aihana, Bug #336104)
* Updated translations: ca (Joan Duran), oc (Yannig Marchegay), ru
(Yuriy Penkin), sv (Daniel Nylander), th (Theppitak Karoonboonyanan)

The release is available from:

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