Announce: Linux Desktop Testing Project (LDTP) 1.2.0 released

Hello all,
  We are proud to announce the release of LDTP 1.2.0. This release features number of important breakthroughs in LDTP as well as in the field of Test Automation. This release note covers a brief introduction on LDTP followed by the list of new features and major bug fixes which makes this new version of LDTP the best of the breed. Useful references have been included at the end of this article for those who wish to hack / use LDTP.

About LDTP

Linux Desktop Testing Project is aimed at producing high quality test automation framework (C / Python) and cutting-edge tools that can be used to test Linux Desktop and improve it. It uses the Accessibility libraries to poke through the application's user interface. The framework also has tools to record test-cases based on user events in the interface of the application which is under testing. We strive to help in building a quality desktop.

Whats new in this release...

* Performance fix, which improves the LDTP exeuction time drastically
* 3 crasher fixes
* LDTP editor bug fixes reported by Shreyank Gupta
* Added 2 new API required for VMware Workstation automation
* API manual is updated
* Moved from CVS to GIT - Thanks to FreeDesktop administrators
* Thanks to Ubuntu automation team for using / evaluating LDTP

Download source tarball -

LDTP news

* LDTP is being evaluated by the project Open Source based Desktop Benchmark [1] of the Linux Solutions Group e.V. (LiSoG) in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. -


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