ANNOUNCE: cluttermm 0.7.0

cluttermm provides a C++ API for Clutter (a 3D canvas and items), for
use with gtkmm. It is usable, and we'd like to hear about any problems
or about anything that is missing.



* Update to new clutter-0.7 API
  (Armin Burgmeier, Openismus)
* Wrap several remaining classes, methods, signals, properties and free
  functions. Coverage is still not 100%, but not much is missing.
  (Armin Burgmeier, Openismus)

Bugs fixed:

 536180 examples/actor.png not part of tarball (Denis Leroy)
 536181 API_VER not used in pkgconfig files (Denis Leroy)


We should really put this on a web page:
  (It's in jhbuild)
submit bugs:
view bugs:

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