libxklavier 3.4

Hi all

Immediately after new xkeyboard-config release 1.2, I am presenting
libxklavier 3.4.

The only change in that release is the change in the translation
scheme. Now, libxklavier is using gettext explicitly, with
xkeyboard-config translation domain (reading .gmo files installed by
xkeyboard-config 1.2). That change allowed to drop a good deal of
redundant code (much better implemented within gettext).

It is strongly recommended to upgrade xkeyboard-config and libxklavier
together - to versions 1.2 and 3.4 correspondingly. Any combination of
previous and latest versions should work (1.1 and 3.4, 1.2 and 3.3) -
but without translation (all user-visible description strings would be
in English).

The tarball can be downloaded from

The CVS repository is on (the one on is
 obsolete), module xklavier, tag v_3_4.



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