Gnome-schedule 2.0.0 released

- Gnome-schedule 2.0.0 -

Gnome-schedule is a graphical user interface that leverages the power
of crontab (vixie-cron, dcron) and at to manage your crontab file and
provide an easy way to schedule tasks on your computer. It supports
recurrent (periodical) tasks and tasks that happen only once in the
future. It is written in Python using pygtk, and has been developed,
tested and packaged for various Linux distributions.

More information is at our homepage: together with screenshots.

This is a fresh release with a completely redone user interface,
cleaned up to be more simple and easier to use, we have implemented
many of the suggestions we have recieved for our previous versions and
hope that this is a positive change to gnome-schedule, a more complete
list is attached below.


Summary of big changes and new features:
• The main window
	∘ You can now run task directly from the main window and have the
output displayed in a terminal window.
	∘ The file-menu has been removed
	∘ The toolbar has been cleaned up and stripped down to the necesarry.
	∘ We have rearranged the list of tasks to have more space for the
important stuff.
	∘ The status bar is only there if it has something reasonable to say.
	∘ We got a new icon.
	∘ We are using two fixed icons for crontab and at tasks.
	∘ You can easily choose which type of task you want to create with a
drop down box.
	∘ The main window remembers size and position.
	∘ We redesigned the template system, you know choose them from a list
and there is another window to manage them. You edit them in the
familiar editors, and you can as well add new ones directly from the
	∘ The window where you choose what type of task you want to create
now uses buttons not radiobuttons.
• The crontab editor
	∘ The interface has been completly rethought and redesigned.
	∘ You can now see a preview of the time expression in the easy format
as you edit the task, also in advanced mode, the expression is also
tried as you type and it is easier to create a valid expression
	∘ You can easier switch between easy and advanced editing and you
will see the advanced boxes update accordingly as you use the simple
combobox to choose your time expression, this leaves the editor
without tabs
	∘ You can easier create templates by simply pressing the button 'Add
as template' while editing a task
	∘ We have freshly updated documentation, kindly provided by Rodrigo
M. Fombellida
• The at editor
	∘ The interface has here as well been completly redesigned
	∘ You have everything easily accessible from one window.
	∘ You can create templates by simply clicking 'Add as template'
	∘ You have a drop down calendar to quickly find the date you want,
leaving the editor with no tabs

• The backend
	∘ We now support all the '@' extensions in vixie-cron

• Other
	∘ We have started using version 3 of Glade to design the interface

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