Announce: gdl 0.7.8 released


gdl 0.7.8 has been released. This release contains localization updates
and bug fixes. It is meant for upcoming GNOME 2.22 beta 1 release.

What is gdl?
GNOME Development Library. A library to contain source code development
widgets and tools. Currently it has complex-docking widgets, data view
widgets, theme based mime icons widget and some other titbits.

What is new in this release?
* Disable deprecated flags completely until #457562 is fixed
* Do not ref/unref icon theme.
* Use smaller icons to not waste too much screen space
* Fixed #468645 and #452331 by using
* Fixed #462537 – GdlDockItemGrip notification callback
* Backported several small improvements from Monodevelop
* Fixes bug #509950 - L10N: typos in some messages (fow -> for)
* Silenced some compiler warnings.
* Translation updates: es, vi, ar, sl, bg, ko, nb, oc, ar, eu, sv, uk

Where to get it?




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