ANNOUNCE: Gtk2-Perl 2.21.5

This is Gtk2-Perl, a set of Perl bindings for various GNOME
libraries.  It includes:

  * Glib            1.172
  * Gnome2          1.042
  * Gnome2::Canvas  1.002
  * Gnome2::GConf   1.043
  * Gnome2::VFS     1.080
  * Gtk2            1.172
  * Gtk2::GladeXML  1.006

Tarballs can be downloaded from:

Changes in this release:

Overview of changes in Glib 1.172

* Make inproper usage of Glib::Object methods result in an error message and
  not in a segfault.
* Add Glib::Object::signal_get_invocation_hint.
* In our lazy-loading machinery for packages, change the way we clear @ISA
  arrays to avoid problems with perl 5.10.0.
* Add new helpers to the C API: gperl_sv_is_defined, gperl_sv_is_array_ref,
  gperl_sv_is_code_ref, and gperl_sv_is_hash_ref.
* Allow Perl-derived GObjects to override GInterfaces that are implemented by
  parent classes.
* Load GInterface types immediately, instead of lazily.  This makes sure
  GInterfaces are set up by the time they are needed.

Overview of changes in Gtk2 1.172

* Improve the documentation significantly in many places.
* Allow Perl code to implement GtkCellLayoutIface.
* Allow Perl code to implement GtkBuildableIface.
* Make Gtk2::CellLayout::set_attributes() properly clear all previous
* Add accessors for Gtk2::Assistant's cancel, forward, back, apply, close, and
  last buttons.
* Add Gtk2::Container::forall.
* Fix build and test suite issues.

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