Gnome-games 2.21.5 released

gnome-games 2.21.5

Anther rocking release from the gnome-games team. Mostly improvements for chess
and aiseleriot and lots of fixes all over the place. Huge thanks goes to
the translators and documenters for the many fixes there also!




  - Possible to use SDL for sound (Andreas Røsdal)
  - Lots of code cleanups (Christian Persch, Andreas Røsdal)

  - Define any-slot-empty and any-slot-nonempty, and reuse a string from Fortune
    instead of adding a new one for the hint. (Christian Persch)
  - Implement droppable feature (Vincent Povirk)
  - Use a verb for the affirmative button (Christian Persch)
  - Update year, and add Vincent to credits (Christian Persch)
  - Implement keyboard navigation (Christian Persch)

  - Mark animation as complete when pieces are deleted (fixes game history crash
    reported in bug (Robert Ancell)
  - Use LAN move if unable to generate SAN move (Robert Ancell)
  - Fix bugs in SAN move generation (Robert Ancell)
  - Support resigning in saved games (Robert Ancell)
  - Stop players from moving after the game has completed (Robert Ancell)
  - Improve tanslators comment (Andreas Røsdal)
  - Make it possible to run from source (Andreas Røsdal)
  - Move "View logs" to "View" menu (Andreas Røsdal)
  - Reorder to load from prefix before system wide (Andreas Røsdal)
  - Reuse strings from libgames-support (Andreas Røsdal)

  - Fix a translation string (Stephane Raimbault)
  - Remove old graphics file (Thomas H.P. Andersen)

  - Unfocus toolbar to avoid accidental game restarts (Christian Persch)

  - Fix undo related crasher (Thomas M. Hinkle)
  - Make it possible to run from source (Andreas Røsdal)
  - Reorder to load from prefix before system wide (Thomas H.P. Andersen)

  - Improve description of games in documentation (Andreas Freund)
  - Fix typo in documentation (Bob Mauchin)
  - Remove duplicate links to toolbar in documentation (Aloriel)
  - Removes duplicate application tag (Andreas Røsdal)
  - Remove uppercasing in glossary (Andreas Røsdal)
  - Adapted manual to new doc template (Claude Paroz)

Updated Translations:
  - ca: Joan Duran, Josep Puigdemont
  - en_GB: Bastien Nocera
  - es: Jorge Gonzalez
  - fr: Stéphane Raimbault, Claude Paroz, Didier Vidal
  - ga: Seán de Búrca
  - ku: eronahi
  - lt: Gintautas Miliauskas, Luca Ferretti
  - mk: Jovan Naumovski
  - oc: Yannig Marchegay
  - pa: Amanpreet Singh Alam
  - pt_BR: Vladimir Melo, Leonardo Ferreira Fontenelle
  - vi: Clytie Siddall
  - zh_CN: pingz

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