Announce: Anjuta DevStudio 2.3.2 - Tornado (unstable) -- released!

Hi all,

Anjuta team proudly announces the release of Anjuta DevStudio 2.3.2. It
is the 3rd development (unstable) release for 'Tornado' series 2.4.x.

This release is developmental and contains many bugfixes, debugger
improvements and internationalization improvements.

Thanks to (alphabetically): 

James Liggett  <jrliggett_ _cox net>:
Johannes Schmid <jhs_ _gnome org>
Massimo Cora'  <maxcvs_ _email it>
Rob Bradford  <rob_ _o-hand com>
Sébastien Granjoux  <seb sfo_ _free fr>
Tom <tpgww_ _onepost net>

and on Localizations:

es: Jorge Gonzalez  <jorgegonz_ _svn gnome org>
id: Andika Triwidada <andika_ _gmail com>
ja: Takeshi AIHANA <takeshi aihana gmail com>
nb: Espen Stefansen <espens_ _svn gnome org>
gl: Ignacio Casal Quinteiro  <nacho resa_ _gmail com>
oc: Yannig Marchegay <yannig marchegay org>
ar: Djihed Afifi.
fr: Marc Lorber, Henry-Nicolas Tourneur and Stéphane Raimbault.

Notes for builders/packages:

To take full advantage of Anjuta features, build for all plugins enabled
(except 'symbol-db' plugin, because it is currently not ready and is
disabled by default). At the end of configure stage, you should see all
plugins marked 'yes' (except symbol-db should be marked 'no'). If a
plugin is not build (marked 'no'), try to satisfy the dependencies
mentioned from your distribution.

Thanks and happy coding!

- Anjuta Team

Anjuta DevStudio 2.3.2 (unstable)

Anjuta DevStudio is a versatile Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
for GNOME desktop. It features a number of advanced programming
facilities that include project management, application wizards, an
on-board interactive debugger, integrated glade UI designer, integrated
devhelp API help, integrated valgrind memory profiler, integrated gprof
performance profiler, class generator, powerful source editor, source
browsing and many more.

Screenshots: (updated)
Features: (updated)


* Document manager cleanups.
* Use GtkSourceView 2.1.x for sourceview plugin.
* Debugger improvements and cleanups.
* Use hover interface to display variable inspect values.
* Added (basic) support for vim modelines (#504331)
* Added basic Vala support
* Add a menu item to repeat the quick search

* Fixed bug #501469: Crash if mime_type is unknown
* Fixed a bug remove all breakpoints was not working due to latest
* Setting breakpoints is disabled when program is running
* Fixed bug #481366: Do not stop at the beginning of the program
* Fixed removing condition on breakpoint 
* Fixed bug #488732: Breakpoint on delete lines
* Breakpoints are now linked to their position in editor
* Fixed a crash when a stack command is cancelled
* Do not save temporary breakpoints
* Fixed bug #502533: Implement assembler step
* Present correct widget with anjuta_shell_present_widget(). This got
  when the new search bar was introduced.
* Save glade files correctly in session
* Use new tooltip API if available in glade plugin.
* Sort notebook pages when session is restored (needs work)
* Gtk 2.12 Tooltip API is used if available in document manager.
* Fixed some issues with session handling and several memory leaks in
* Remove address, condition and pass breakpoint column if not supported
* Fixed clear all remove_all to avoid an endless loop if a breakpoint
  cannot be removed
* Fixed bugs #497878 crash when double clicking on in
* Fixed #503719 Opening and closing .glade files plays badly with
* Fixed next/previous message
* Fixed bug #491301: Inspecting a variable opens a bad focus dialog
* Fixed bug #504818 Some signals/timeouts should be disconnected when
dialogs are closed
* Fixed bug #505237 Sort list of modified files
* Shorten down the title bar if the current path is inside the opened
* Fixed #505315 anjuta hangs when going from editing a glade file to
  editing a c source file
* Fixed #498986 Anjuta-2.3.0 fails to build
* Fixed #506266 – Attempting to build the scintilla plugin, even when
  explicitly disabled
* Fixed GtkFileChooserButton preferences to also work when only the
  changes without a dialog being open.
* Only install glade catalog files if glade-3 is available
  (Fixes #506269 and #500296)
* Fixed #506740 – ianjuta_editor_get_text crash if request text
  past the buffer length
* Unregister preferences for custom preferences when the widget is
* Fixed #486724 and #488615
* Removed stock icon open/save from
  menus to avoid conflict with file open/save. Fixes bug #507455
* Fixed #507441: Disable all breakpoints doesn't work
* Fixed #507444: Enable Breakpoint menu item doesn't change name
* Fixed #348854 invisible cursor in certain themes
* Added disable_password_check for stream where it does not make sense 
  (e.g symbol-db) and lots of DEBUG_PRINTS to better scope launcher
  that sometimes occur in symbol-db plugin
* Made all of the columns resizable and reorderable.
* API in AnjutaDescription for translatable properties. Fixes bug
  comment #18.
* Fix bug #505205
* Fixed a crash when creating a new file
* Fixed editor popup menu (Cut, Copy, Paste)
* Fixed a memory corruption reported in bug #507491.
* Fixed #460390 Changing categories while edinting something
* Fixed translation issues (#496833)
* Fixed #508424 Auto complete: previous char was removed when
  pre TAB to auto complete.
* Fixed #508497 and added a new chooser to select whether to use
  libglade or not.

Translation updates:
es.po id.po ja.po nb.po gl.po oc.po ar.po fr.po

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