[pygtk] ANNOUNCE: nautilus-python 0.5.0

The new release should soon been available at ftp.gnome.org:


Overview of changes in 0.5.0:
        - Add support for submenus (Lukáš Lalinský, Sylvain Baubeau,
                                    Erik Wien)
        - Make it work with nautilus 2.22 (Brian Pepple)
        - Initialize gnomevfs explicitly (Scott Tsai)
        - Compilable with Python 2.5 (Jonathan Rogers)
        - Shutdown Python (Gustavo Carneiro)
        - Initialize PyGObject/PyGTK/PyGNOMEVFS on demand (Gustavo Carneiro)


Nautilus is the file manager used by the GNOME desktop environment.
Nautilus-python provides python bindings for the extension API in
nautilus.  With help of it you can write extensions in python that go
beyond the standardshell script interface like context menuitems,
additional list columns and property pages.

nautilus-python requires nautilus >= 2.6.0, PyGTK >= 2.8.0, gnome-python
  2.12.0 and Python >= 2.3.5

Bug reports should be made in GNOME's bugzilla:

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