gThumb 2.10.8 [stable] released

gThumb 2.10.8 [stable] is released

gThumb is an Image Viewer and Browser.

gThumb 2.10.8 is now available for download at:


A crash when deleting files was fixed. A crash when selecting custom print sizes was also fixed.

An assortment of smaller bugs was also fixed.

Fixes in 2.10.8

* If the directory doesn't exists go to the closest existing parent.
  Fixes bug #495575 – infinite loop when browsing deleted dirs
* Fixed bug #Bug 498741 – gthumb always saves thumbnails despite the
  gconf option in apps -> gthumb -> browser -> save_thumbnails set
  to "false"
* Fixed bug #500719 – segfault when canceling batch operations
* Fixed bug #486886: Crash opening an image with no Exif IFD1
* Fixed bug #487982: can freeze gthumb during printing
* Fixed a printing crash, g_free -> gtk_paper_size_free
* Fixed bug #492111: Doesn't rotate pictures while importing
* Fixed bug #492262: Rotate removes thumbnail
* Fixed bug #492260: Crash on rotate on x86_64
* Fixed bug #492169: Crash when moving directory to trash
* Fixed bug #492370: monitor name conflict with libc on solaris10
* Fixed exif tag read/write functions, so they can access 32-bit
  values correctly on 64-bit platforms
* Fixed bug #476989: gthumb doesn't move images if destination
  directory is selected from folder drop down list
* Fixed bug #495529: Search not working
* Fixed bug #498995: gthumb gets it's locking wrong and crashes
* When sorting by exif time, fall back to sorting by mtime if no
  exif time is present.
* Fixed bug #438027: cancel isn't honoured in "reset exif orientation"
  progress dialog or rotation-tool dialog
* Fixed bug #499795: silently fails to save bmp picture
* Fixed bug #496140: Crop Window opens too large for dual-screens

Updated Translations

Portuguese - Filipe Gomes <filipefgomes gmail com>


2.10.x is the current stable branch of gThumb.

UI-breaking development is happening in trunk. No releases have been made yet from the trunk branch.

Other News

XMP metadata support (read-only) is now provided in the trunk version.

A move to exiv2 (from libexif) is being considered.

gThumb scripting has been greatly improved in trunk, and further improvements are expected.

Some gThumb projects are active in Google Highly Open Participation Contest:

Upgrade and enjoy!

- Mike

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