Swfdec 0.8.4 released


Another update in the stable 0.8 series for Swfdec. Swfdec is the Free
Flash player used by GNOME.

swfdec-0.8.4 ("H264")
MD5: aece501d0e73f3e564200a44ec03c385

This release not only fixes various rare crasher bugs, but also
introduces support for H264 video to restore regressed functionality
on various video sites that switched to serving video in H264. The
full list of changes:
- support H264, so all Youtube videos play again
- fix various portability issues for ARM
- fix rare crash with gotoAndPlay() function
- fix rare crasher with setTarget() function
- fix crashes in BitmapData.copyPixels()
- zero memory before rendering in PulseAudio backend
- improve Cairo check in testsuite

Swfdec still follows the no-crashes-allowed policy. Should you still
succeed in finding a crasher, please immediately file a bug at

For more information about Swfdec, see http://swfdec.freedesktop.org

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