goobox 2.0.0

goobox 2.0.0 is now available for download at:

cbbbf187bdc143875829a73c4e6bd405  goobox-2.0.0.tar.bz2
c5fac5a6c0ef37f090d6945f25cc9875  goobox-2.0.0.tar.gz

This is the first stable release of the 2.0 series.

Note that goobox 1.0 has never been released because the 0.9.x
development series is based on libraries that are now obsolete.

About Goobox

Goobox is a CD player and ripper for the GNOME desktop environment.


In order to compile the source code you need the following libraries:

  gtk+ 2.4.x
  libgnome/libgnomeui 2.16.x
  libbonobo 2.6.x
  gnome-vfs 2.18.0
  libglade 2.6.x
  gstreamer 0.10.x
  libmusicbrainz 2.1.0
  libnotify 0.4.3 (optional)

  required gstreamer plugins:

    cdparanoia: used to play CDs
    vorbisenc, flacenc, wavenc: at least one of this in order to rip CDs.

Overview of changes between 0.9.93 and 2.0.0

New features:

   * Ported to GStreamer 0.10 and MusicBrainz 2.1.  Removed CDDBSlave
   * Moved the extraction options in the preferences dialog.
   * Added next/stop actions in the notification window.
   * Show the CD cover and other information in the tray icon tooltip.
   * Use the xdg MUSIC dir as default destination to extract tracks.
   * Allow to change the volume with a single click and a drag action.
   * Show the artist column in the track list when the CD is of variuos
   * Use a single window for each CD drive.
   * Allow to extract the selected tracks from the track list context
   * Added a --stop command line option.
   * Download the cover from amazon if the asin is available.
   * Added ability to copy a disc, using nautilus-cd-burner.
   * Added option to automatically play after CD insertion.
   * Hide the statusbar by default.

Notable bugs fixed:

   * More HIG compliant menus.
   * Use stock icons as much as possible.  Update the icons when the icon
     theme changes.  Install a theme-friendly application icon.
   * Do not allow to open more than one preferences dialog.
   * Ported to GOption.
   * Save the cover at the original size, resize the cover before
     displaying it.
   * Read the list of available drives only at startup time to not stop
     playing the CD when the preferences dialog is opened.
   * Fixed extraction of tracks with spacial characters.
   * In the ripper dialog show the remaining time only when the forecast
     starts to stabilize.
   * Several memory leaks fixed.

Updated translations:

     Greek, Finnish, French, Basque, Nepali, Catalan, Occitan, Italian,
     Polish, Spanish, Japanese.

23 April 2008
Paolo Bacchilega

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